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    Episode 7.01 :

    Millie: Green is the new orange.

    Clay: Season is over Nate.
    Nathan: For some guys, but me…it’s pre-season for next year.
    Clay: See that’s why I love being your agent.
    Clay: What did I tell you about basketball?
    Nathan: Just do the work.
    Clay: Just do the work.
    Clay: Speaking of Jamie..he’s got a birthday coming up, any idea what he wants for a gift?
    Nathan: You spoiled him with all the signed jerseys…just working down your client list. I think you’re up to Jerry Rice.

    Julian: What’s keeping you in Tree Hill? You came back for Peyton and she’s not here.
    Brooke: So did you.

    Haley: I’m really sorry we had to cancel your party.
    Jamie: You’re not that funny.

    Nathan: I’m a wooden tool that wears body spray.

    Skills: It ain’t gonna work.
    Mouth: What?
    Skills: You hanging around all nekkid.
    Mouth: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Skills: It ain’t gonna work.
    Mouth: Stop taking this so personally.
    Skills: I don’t know what you’re talking about dog. I’m just trying to air things out.
    Mouth: Stop taking this so personally…this whole moving out thing.

    Jamie: Aunt Quinn is here she surprised me with a cake.

    Clay: The last time a girl surprised me with cake…
    Haley: Lets open gifts!

    Quinn: Listen the Bobcats have no depth in the backcourt so get this guy paid, Jerry Maguire.

    Jamie: Uncle Skills’ gift next….CDs!
    Skills: That’s right, old school hip-hop. Run DMC…that’s what’s up.

    Clay: (on the phone with Jerry Rice) He thought you were six.
    Jamie: Seven!
    Clay: Yeah…he’s a little short.

    Clay: (watching Jamie play with Jerry Rice)When he thinks back to his best days as a kid, he’ll remember this day. Being safe and happy.

    Brooke: Peyton used to say people always leave…who knew she was talking about her stupid ass.

    Julian: You know what I wished for?
    Brooke: What?
    Julian: Skinny dipping. (Takes off his shirt) Are you coming or what?
    Brooke: That’s what she said.

    Jamie: Who’s creeping all up in my hood?
    Nathan and Haley: Wha??
    Jamie: Listening to Skills’ CDs.

    Nathan: Nice summer night with a bottle of wine.
    Quinn: Yeah, if I were Taylor it’d totally be on.

    Jamie: I miss him…Uncle Lucas.
    Nathan: I know you do. Tell you what, instead of playing HORSE, why don’t we play a game of LUCAS?

    Julian: I decided not to produce the movie.
    Brooke: Why? That was an important movie.
    Julian: No, it was a lucrative movie, not an important one. I want to make important movies. Plus there’s this girl that I’m in love with and I couldn’t stand to be away from her that long.

    Jamie: Was your 7th birthday as good as this one?

    Nathan: You want the truth?

    Jamie: I’m seven, I can handle it.

    Nathan: Well we had a big birthday party planned like this one, but Grandpa Dan realized there was a pee-wee basketball game the same day and canceled the party. My team ended up losing, and it wasn’t a very good day.
    Jamie: Did you ever forgive him?
    Nathan: No, I never did.
    Jamie: You should…I would.
    Nathan: Well you’re a good man Jamie Scott.
    Jamie: So are you Dad. You’re Nathan Scott. I think you can forgive him.



    Episode 7.02 :

    Alex: Wine’s not even alcohol. It’s like, grape.

    Clay: I’m going to see if she’ll sit down with me again. In the meantime you just, um, try not to get thrown through a window.”

    Haley: “Who’s the bitch now, bitch?”

    Alex: I think it’s so great that you make designer clothes for plus size girls. I never knew it was based on you, but I think that’s so sweet.
    Brooke: “Uh, no. I’m normal sized.
    Alex: I know, but I have the best diet for you! You’re so going to lose that weight.



    Episode 7.03 :

    Millie: But the shower…
    Alex: I like to leave it on…I like the sound of the rain.

    Haley: I get it, you got married in high school, had a son at graduation, and now you play basketball and take pictures with drunken sluts with perfect teeth.

    Producer of Dan’s Show: Rachel, should we cut it?
    Rachel: No.
    Producer: But he just called him a murderer!
    Rachel: So? He is one.

    Brooke: Are you hung over?
    Alex: Just jet-laaaag.
    Brooke: Jet-lag my foot. You flew in from New York!

    Skills: Mouth knows I’m afraid of creatures. That’s why I know he did this. You think you can catch it?
    Jamie: We can catch it.
    Skills: No, you can catch it.

    Nathan: If she does file the paternity suit, then do what you have to do.
    Mouth: I hope it doesn’t come to that.
    Nathan: Yeah, me too.

    Alex: He has big hands…probably has a big thingy.

    Millie: Yeah you understand that he’s Brooke’s serious boyfriend?
    Alex: She’s dating a PA?
    Millie: He’s not a PA. He’s a producer.
    Alex: A producer? Like a film producer?
    Millie: I mean a PA. He’s a PA.
    Alex: No, he’s a producer! Julian. Julian Baker.

    Dan: I’m rich and I’m dying.
    Rachel: Works for me.

    Haley: That girl was draped all over my husband. Who threw that party Clay?
    Clay: That’s not fair.
    Haley: I’m not saying you don’t love him…but you love having him by your side more than anything else. You could’ve prevented this from happening.
    Clay: Nathan is a grown man.
    Haley: Yeah, well so are you, starting acting like one.

    Clay: I’m sorry. Everything you said was true. I love you and Nate and Jamie, and I should’ve done better by you.
    Haley: We’re not paying her.
    Clay: I know, but it’s not your dream, and it’s not mine. It’s Nathan’s. He’s worked so hard for it, and I just want to protect it.

    Rachel: Hanging out in strip clubs waiting to die?
    Dan: Could be worse.
    Rachel: Could be better.

    Dan: I do know one thing: if people saw my life, they’d feel a lot better about theirs.

    Brooke: She’d have to sign a confidentiality agreement, it would never come out.
    Haley: Yeah, but who’s to say she won’t? She’s such a trustworthy individual.

    Alex: You’re the boy who owns that big house on the beach.
    Clay: I’m the boy who rents that big house on the beach.

    Clay: How are you holding up?
    Quinn: If I was one of your clients I’d be listed as day-to-day.

    Alex: I can be in your bed in 20 minutes.
    Clay: Make it 30.
    Quinn: Really? You’re that guy?
    Clay: I am tonight.

    Clay: This is the amount we’re willing to pay you.
    Renee: It’s empty.
    Clay: Yeah, it’s empty because you’re a lying bitch and we’re not paying you a dime. Go to Hell.



    Episode 7.04 :

    Clay: Okay even though it’s incredibly riveting watching you lift weights, I’m gonna go. What time are you going to the fashion show?
    Nathan: I don’t know. You really want to go?
    Clay: Do I want to go to a fashion show with tons of models walking around in dresses? Dude, I’m getting there early.

    Kid on the Playground: My mom says they only put stuff in these magazines that’s true! Your dad is hosed!
    Jamie: He is not!

    Mouth’s Boss: Remember when I asked you if there was anything going on with Nathan Scott? (tosses the tabloid in front of Mouth)
    Mouth: The National Informer? Are you serious? Uh-oh look, alien babies on the rise. Looks like they duped us on that one too!

    Victoria: Oh, so you’re the has-been actress we’re overpaying?
    Alex: Oh I’ve heard about you. You’re the mean bitch who used to be a big deal here, but you’re not here anymore, so now you’re just a mean bitch!

    Nathan: Putting my son to work?
    Brooke: Absolutely! Clothes Over Bros has a long history of child labor.

    Jamie: Why is she lying?
    Nathan: Because bad people forget the difference between right and wrong, and they like to take advantage of good people.

    Julian: Vicki, Brooke didn’t tell me you were coming to the show.
    Victoria: Think of me as Millie’s training wheels. And don’t ever call me Vicki.

    Miranda: (to magazine interviewer) If you really want to get personal, we could talk about the time 3 years ago in the Hamptons when you got so drunk you soiled yourself. Talk about a messy situation.
    Magazine Interviewer: That never happened.
    Miranda: Oh, so then you must be a little more sympathetic to Haley’s situation seeing as her husband didn’t have an affair.

    Victoria: Millie is not a model.
    Alex: She’s gorgeous and has better legs than McKenna, unless you want to go out there with your walker.

    Clay: I want you to practice two very important words: no comment.

    Brooke: He just read some script she gave him. Julian is a good guy, Mother.
    Victoria: Yeah, and I’m willing to bet she’s wrecked a few good guys.

    Julian: Even with all the gorgeous models here tonight, the most beautiful woman here was backstage.
    Brooke: Thank you.
    Julian: I was talking about Victoria.



    Episode 7.06 :

    Julian: She (Alex) seems to have really come around.
    Brooke: I doubt it. Once a ho-bag, always a ho-bag.
    Julian: Now if I remember correctly…
    Brooke: You might want to reconsider what you were about to say.

    Millie: I never called Marvin!
    Alex: Duh, Gisele. I thought you were mad at him.

    Alex’s Text from Millie’s phone to Mouth: Melvin, got my drink on…if you’re done being a tool come rock out with your cock out….

    Nathan: I’m a professional basketball player; girls get a hold of my email and my cell phone number all the time. And when they contact me I call them back to tell them stop, because I’m happily married to a woman who loves and trusts me. But I guess that was a lie, because she doesn’t trust me.

    Julian: (After reading Alex’s script) Where did this come from?
    Alex: Well I was watching Millicent sleep and she was busted and I thought about what it would be like to be that tragic, and have no self-confidence, and then I just added a boy.

    Mouth: I would offer to spot you but I max out around 180…ish.
    Nathan: No offense Mouth, but the past few times you’ve shown up you’ve had bad news.
    Mouth: I heard you lost your endorsement deals. They’re breaking the story on the 6 o’clock news.  Is it true?
    Nathan: Yeah.
    Mouth: I’m sorry Nate.
    Nathan: Yeah, me too. I heard about your demotion. How long are they going to keep you locked up in the basement?
    Mouth: The truth? Until I do a story on you.
    Nathan: Then do the story. I’m serious. Your career is far more important, and you’ve already done more than enough.

    Julian: (to Mia about Chase and Brooke) Your tall, dark and handsome is doing a fitting with my short, hot and bossy.

    Brooke: (about Alex) No I’m not okay. Ho-bag got naked in front of Julian!
    Chase: Ho-bag?
    Brooke: Alex ‘my butt is the size of a cumquat’ Dupree, my model. She’s so manipulative and materialistic and self-serving, and naked and…
    Chase: Brookish?

    Mouth: Nathan Scott is a Tree Hill local who overcame injury and adversity to achieve his dream, a dream to play professional basketball. But lately Nathan’s career has taken a backseat to allegations of an affair that led to the pregnancy of a fan. In my opinion, continuing to report on these allegations without any further evidence of their validity is a reckless attempt on the part of this network to boost ratings. I’m not saying athletes are above the law, but I think it’s up to science to determine the validity of these claims, not the evening news. To date there’s been no new evidence that suggests that Nathan Scott is guilty of these allegations. And yet he looks guiltier the more that we report on him. For my part I got into sports news because I think reporting on athletes inspires people to be exceptional. And while I’ve never been an exceptional athlete I can strive to be exceptional in my own way: by refusing to bow to pressure, by refusing to stoop to a level that’s beneath me, just like Nathan Scott has refused to. I believe in Nathan Scott, but I also believe in my viewers. I believe you don’t want any part in dragging him through the mud. So if you want sports news and not gossip, turn the channel, let my boss know that news isn’t just about ratings. It’s about people, and integrity, but mostly it’s about truth and that still means something. I’m Marvin McFadden and this is sports. Or at least it used to be.

    Nathan: A retraction at this point won’t change anyone’s opinion.
    Haley: It might.
    Nathan: They’ll all just assume you paid her off. We will have, which will just make me look even more guilty. You should know this Haley, which makes me think the only reason you haven’t left to pay her off is that you’re starting to believe she might be telling the truth. Haley, if I’m guilty of this, not only am I the kind of guy that would cheat on you, I’m the kind of guy that would father a child then turn his back. I’m Dan Scott. If you think I’m capable of that you do what you have to do, but I can guarantee you if you’ve lost faith in me, all the money in the world isn’t going to fix it.

    Quinn: If I was okay I’d be a pretty lousy person.
    Nathan: Sorry about earlier, it’s just been…
    Quinn: I’m sorry that woman is lying about you. I know you’d never hurt Haley like that. And you’re not a coward. If anyone’s a coward, it’s me. And I’m not running away form my problems Nathan, I’m walking away from something that’s broken. And that doesn’t mean I’m not scared.

    Haley: I didn’t do it. I couldn’t. (pay Renee)
    Nathan: That’s what sets you apart from her. It’s one of the thousand reasons why I could never cheat on you.
    Haley: I don’t want to see you lose your dream.
    Nathan: Lose her? She’s right here. I’m never letting go of her.



    Episode 7.07 :

    Haley: Skills is gonna take Jamie for the day…just to keep him away from the TV.
    Nathan: You know the first memory I have is sitting in my father’s lap holding a basketball. I spent my entire life trying to get me to the NBA, now he’s gonna take it away.

    Renee: You didn’t tell me that the show was live.
    Dan: It’s better this way; better audience, bigger ratings. After today everyone will know your story.
    Renee: I’m nervous.
    Dan: Don’t be, just speak from the heart and don’t forget to smile.
    Renee: Mr. Scott? What happened between you and Nathan?
    Dan: I murdered his uncle among other things. I’ll see you out there.

    Clay: Look I have to watch Nathan’s and my careers possibly end on this nightmare TV show. You can go if you want.
    Sara: Don’t be silly babe. I’m not going anywhere.

    Haley: Nathan? Hey it’s gonna start soon.
    Nathan: It’s been a good life huh?
    Haley: Yeah. It’s been a wonderful life. You know, when this show is over it’s still gonna be a wonderful life because I love you and your son loves you and nothing that happens in the next hour is gonna change that.
    Nathan: God, I needed to hear you say that.
    Haley: Good. I really needed to say it.

    Dan: They say that truth is the best indication against slander. So what’s the truth? Is she lying? Or am I about to become a grandfather again?

    Dan: Believe nothing. Just because a wise man said it, or you read it in a book…words of divine order, or because your mother told you…it doesn’t make it true. Believe only what you yourself can test and judge to be true.

    Clay: (to Nathan) Dude, having you around is so much better than having a puppy!

    Dan: Falling in love is the easiest thing you’re ever gonna do. It’s the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing. That’s why falling out of love hurts like hell, but falling in love…there’s nothing better. It’s the best it ever gets.

    Dan: A lifetime of love. Now there’s a miracle. Relationships aren’t always easy. I should know. I’m on my second marriage. How many of you are divorced? Divorce doesn’t just happen. And relationships don’t just end in an instant.

    Dan: We all want to be loved…to be happy. So why aren’t we? Because we’ve become experts at sabotaging our own happiness. Feeling like victims, when in fact it’s the choices we make, the bad habits, the vices, the inability to show love and compassion. These are the things that tear us down. We’re not victims. We’re assassins when it comes to love and happiness.

    Dan: Ah, we applaud the sentiment, but we don’t change. Why? Because we want what we want. So we do it, we say it, we try it and we victimize ourselves.

    Renee: What is this about?
    Rachel: What is what about?
    Renee: I didn’t agree to this. (A lie detector test).
    Rachel: It’s great television.
    Renee: But…
    Rachel: Here’s the thing: if you’re lying science will prove it eventually and if not…you have nothing to worry about. Don’t forget to smile.

    Nathan: Do you believe this? Do you realize how ridiculous this is? The guy shot his brother at point blank range and now he has a hit TV show. He’s rolling out some rigged up lie detector machine and I have to sit 3000 miles away and just take it.
    Haley: Screw him. I mean it. Let’s not even watch the rest of the show. It’s a nice day. It’s a nice life.
    Nathan: How can you be so strong?

    Dan: It’s a question of character. It’s really about who has better character. Is it Renee or Nathan?

    Sara: Can I give you my two cents?
    Clay: Sure.
    Sara: This is all about that wide receiver, right?
    Clay: Yeah.
    Sara: I think you can do better.
    Clay: Babe, this guy’s a big deal. He could change everything for me.
    Sara: You said it yourself. He’s a bad guy.
    Clay: And if I only represent good guys I may have no clients at all.
    Sara: I don’t believe that. And I don’t think you do either.
    Clay: The guy is great Sara.
    Sara: He’s not great. He’s just a great player. And the man I love knows the difference. That’s what’s going to make you a great agent. You’ll find players that you can believe in and clients that become friends. You’ll find someone that has character, and integrity, and heart. And that will change everything for you. And that’s the man I fell in love with.

    Dan: Sometimes we fall short of the people we were meant to be. Sometimes people do things they’re ashamed of. And usually after the guilt sets in, we make things worse. My son Nathan Scott is a good man, but sometimes people do funny things in the face of pressure and desperation, and the truth, well, the truth is an absolute. And the truth can set you free. My name is Dan Scott (True). I love my wife Rachel (True). My son Nathan loves me (True). I’m president of the United States (True). I’m Santa Claus (True). I didn’t kill my brother (True). Life is funny isn’t it? Sometimes bad things happen to good people and it isn’t fair.

    Haley: I’m so sorry you had to go through this.
    Nathan: I shouldn’t have been drunk at that party Haley.
    Haley: You’re still young. We both are. I think we just forget that sometimes.

    Clay: Sometimes I can’t see you anymore. I forget things about you, and I’m afraid I’m losing us…like the way you smelled, the sound of your voice, and the way you felt in my arms, and um…
    Sara: If you let someone in…you’ll erase me.
    Clay: I can’t.
    Sara: Open the door, Clay…Clay, it’s okay. On the count of 2.

    Rachel: So how’d you know she was lying?
    Dan: He’s still my son. I raised him. I know what kind of man he is. Besides, it takes a con to know a con.

    Clay: It’s not fair. We were supposed to have more time.
    Sara: You still do. I don’t want you to be alone honey. You like her. Quinn. Why’d you send her away?
    Clay: I don’t want to lose us.
    Sara: You can’t erase who we were or what we had. No one can. We burned so bright together. You won’t lose that.
    Clay: I loved you so much Sara.
    Sara: You were perfect with me. And you always will be. But now it’s time to let go. It’s okay honey. I love you.



    Episode 7.08 :

    Julian: I’m not a guy’s guy. I don’t have homies.
    Brooke: I don’t think anyone has had homies since 1989.

    Sara: Oh, I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? (about to take off her bathing suit)
    Clay: Sorry…Fast Times was on TV last night.

    Brooke: Jeez Eddie Bauer, did you buy the whole catalog?

    Julian: The first rule of camping: be prepared…I think.

    Quinn: When Hales was in high school she used to get really stressed about grades and tests, so we’d make her special brownies.
    Brooke: Special brownies? What’s in them?
    Quinn: You know, the usual: eggs, milk, brownie mix…a little weed.
    Brooke: Does she know that?
    Quinn: Nope.
    Brooke: Looks like the boys aren’t the only ones going on a trip tonight.

    Skills: Who wants to get their ‘go get me a beer’ badge?

    Haley: That’s the thing about Taylor’s brownies…the more I eat, the hungrier I get!

    Quinn: So Hales, Taylor’s recipe calls for an eighth of grand daddy purple.
    Haley: What is that…some kind of breakfast cereal?
    Quinn: Not exactly…
    Haley: Pot?!
    Quinn: Yup.
    Haley: I have to go throw up. I can’t believe all these years you and Taylor were getting me high! I can’t be doing this. I have a child!

    Brooke: Who’s away for the weekend! You’ve had a rough few months…Who knew all these years tutor girl was actually stoner girl?
    Haley: I’m so getting you back for this.

    Haley: (very high from her special brownies) Now when they say they represent the lollipop guild do you think that’s a trade union and if it is why did they unionize? Did they need shorter hours, or longer sticks and do they need different flavors?

    Brooke: (too stoned to handle TV) Please tell me that munchkin to stop looking at me.

    Dan: Maybe we could get Lucas to do a guest spot, it’s not like he’s doing anything.

    Chuck: My mom says you can’t marry Ms. Lauren because you don’t make enough money.
    Skills: Well guess who just lost their “keep they damn mouth shut” badge.

    Nathan: The last few months with everything going on…have you been scared?
    Jamie: No. I knew Grandpa Dan would save us…again. So, can we forgive him now?

     Rachel: (Dan collapses during his show) We should’ve saved that for sweeps!

    Julian: (Julian attempting to make a fire) We did this in a movie I just produced…you just need one spark.
    Nathan: (Nathan pours gasoline and lights a match) Alright Spielberg, why don’t you produce us some marshmallows?

    Julian: I’ve got a scary story…
    Chuck: Bring it, Julia!

    Nathan: You know, I never said thank you, Mouth.
    Mouth: You don’t have to.
    Nathan: Yeah, but you spoke up for me when no one else would. I’m really sorry you lost your job, Mouth. Any chance they’ll take you back?

    Mouth: Probably not. I committed the cardinal sin of broadcasting: told people to turn the channel. Networks don’t really like that.
    Julian: Yeah, well the whole landscape of television is changing anyway.
    Mouth: Yeah, but what’s next?
    Julian: The Internet. It’s faster, it’s cheaper, and it’s everywhere.

    Haley: Is your career path laid out for you as soon as your parents name you Zelda? Zelda. It’s kinda like if they call you Bambi or Oprah.

    Mouth: What’s the great sports movie of all time?
    Nathan: Easy, Field of Dreams.
    Mouth: I’m gonna go with Coach Carter.
    Skills: Oo, strong choice.
    Julian: Definitely Cool Runnings.
    Nathan: Seriously?
    Julian: Yeah.
    Nathan: Out of all the sports movies of all time, you’re gonna pick Cool Runnings?
    Julian: Yeah. I like it. Jamaica we have a bobsled team!

    Julian: You guys have all seen her (Alex) naked on film.
    Skills: Wait, who are we talking about?
    Julian: Alex. She’s the only actress in Hollywood that insists on nudity.
    Skills: Oh, Alex. Yeah, right.
    Julian: Wait, who are you talking about?
    Nathan: Skills, don’t.
    Julian: Skills?
    Skills: Nathan and Brooke kind of made a sex tape in high school. Good night!
    Mouth: See you guys in the morning…or maybe just one of you.

    Julian: Let me get this straight…you were on a break from Peyton?
    Nathan: Oh come on, it was like 8 years ago. I was so drunk I don’t even remember it.
    Julian: Good thing you got it on tape.
    Nathan: Let it go. Nice tent.

    Julian: I have a lambskin sleeping bag. I’m quite warm. Don’t change the subject.

    Nathan: Look, I get it, the idea of me with Brooke is weird for you. But, I mean, I lost my virginity to my sister-in-law…you don’t think that makes Thanksgiving a little awkward from time to time?

    Nathan: My father’s new wife is my age. And, she hit on me after she slept with my Uncle Cooper. Yeah, don’t even get me started on my dad.
    Julian: Yeah, your old man and my old man should get together and go bowling. Breakfast Club.
    Nathan: You really gotta cool it with the movie quotes, man.
    Julian I can quit that. But I wish I knew how to quit you…
    Nathan: Not cool, man.
    Julian: Lighten up Frances, everyone loves a good brokeback joke.
    Nathan: Not when you’re over there sleeping in your lambskin condom.
    Julian: Well you should talk, you’re the one who showers with dudes on a nightly basis.
    Jamie: I can tell you a story…it’s about a girl named Nanny Carrie. And it actually happened. TO ME.
    Julian: You’re good with the kid.
    Nathan: I’ve had my moments.
    Julian: Yeah, but your dad was a dick, and you turned it around for your own son. They should give a merit badge for that.
    Nathan: Jamie likes you.
    Julian: Jamie likes me because I suck at stuff. Having Superman as your dad makes you want to hang out with Clark Kent.

    Haley: Erecktuladis Cuniculus. The Latin word for bunny rabbit!
    Brooke: That Zelda’s a bitch!

    Nathan: You knew Jamie needed that…how’d you know about the gate?
    Julian: It’s no big deal, I saw it while I was getting fire wood.
    Nathan: 95% of being a parent is instinct, and you’ve got great ones. You’ll be a great parent when the time comes.



    Episode 7.09 :

    Quinn: The first time I looked in a lens I realized I could see magical things in unexpected places and I want the kids to feel that. Kinda dorky.

    Brooke: I’m fluent in boy and I’m pretty sure “what’s the rush” doesn’t mean “let’s have a baby now!”

    Julian: Now it’s time to kick the script out of the nest and see if it can fly…my Dad used to say that.

    Rachel (to Nathan): I used to want you to be my daddy, and now I’m your mommy.

    Rachel (to Jamie): I remember when you were a rumor in third period.

    Clay: So this is your cave.
    Quinn: We can’t all have pimped out beach houses.
    Clay: Says the girl whose cave is in an NBA player’s mansion.

    Haley (about Dan): He is the healthiest looking dying man I’ve ever seen.
    Nathan: I guess evil does a body good.

    Dan: Whiskey. Straight up.
    Grubbs: I would’ve guessed blood.

    Nathan: There’s never gonna be a golden ticket back into my life. I’ll tolerate you for Jamie, but you’re dead to me. The moment Keith died, you died.



    Episode 7.11 :

    Haley: Can Clay fix this?
    Nathan: No. As of five minutes ago I’m not gonna be a Bobcat.

    Dan (narrating): Who you are is who you are. We’re liars. We’re thieves. We’re addicts. We take our happiness for granted until we hurt ourselves or someone else. We hold grudges. And when faced with our mistakes, we reinvent the past. We reinvent ourselves. At least we try. We’re prideful, and we’re lustful, and we’re incredibly flawed. And eventually, our flaws catch up to us.

    Clay: Negotiations are about risks. Calculated risks. I was doing what I thought was right. I made a mistake.
    Quinn: Can I help you?

    Haley: You feel badly for Clay?
    Quinn: Of course I do.
    Haley: Well you’re a huge part of why Clay got fired, and you know it. So why don’t you sleep on that.

    Rachel: I had an idea…we do a live broadcast from right here.
    Dan: From the hallway where I murdered my brother?
    Rachel: Exactly!
    Dan: Where one of your classmates committed suicide?
    Rachel: I was in the classroom that day. I can lend an authenticity to it. We can reach out to the disenfranchised or whatever. And you can finally come to terms with the choices you made that day. It’ll be riveting television.
    Dan: Little insensitive isn’t it?
    Rachel: Not as insensitive as murdering your brother.

    Nathan: It’s business.
    Quinn: No, it’s not, and you know it.
    Nathan: You like staying here? In your big guest room? Cuz I just lost my job. It’s business.

    Victoria: It’s for you. It’s Millicent’s agent.
    Brooke: Millicent has an agent?
    Victoria: Yeah, so do those Spencer and Heidi people. Go figure.

    Haley: How are we doing? Do I need to go platinum so we can keep the house?

    Brooke: She must be high.
    Victoria: I’m not high, I just had 3 martinis at lunch…okay, I’m a little buzzed.
    Brooke: Not you drinkie…Millicent! She expects me to pay her 500 thousand dollars to model for this company.
    Victoria: That’s not high, that’s smoking crack!
    Brooke: That’s what I said! You know this is all Alex’s influence! That bitch has been a pain in my pilates perfect butt since she rolled in here from rehab and landed here.

    Mouth: Television is funny, isn’t it? It can erase all your mistakes, or hold them against you.
    Dan: It doesn’t erase anything. You didn’t make a mistake. Remember that.

    Chase: Hi Mrs. Davis.
    Victoria: Do I know you?
    Chase: Really? Come on.
    Victoria: Oh, right, you know my daughter. Your name is Fetch or Dash or something.
    Chase: It’s Chase. And I didn’t just date her. We were lovers.
    Victoria: Yeah, but for about 30 seconds from what I’ve heard.
    Chase: We should shave that woman’s head and check it for the mark of the beast.
    Grubbs: I don’t now. I thought she was kind of hot.

    Dan (sits down at the bar next to Clay): Not exactly what I meant when I said take control of your life. At least the suit looks nice. Guess some people just don’t have the fortitude.
    Clay: My wife died. Suddenly and unfairly. But she believed in me. And she believed in what I wanted to do. So I buried her, and I picked out her headstone, and then I went to work. So don’t tell me about fortitude. And don’t lecture me about dark days. Because this, is far from my darkest day.
    Dan: Wanna get a drink?
    Clay: I might be in a dark place but at least there’s hope for me with Nathan. I wouldn’t say the same for you.



    Episode 7.13 :

    Jamie: You coming to the show tonight?
    Quinn: You bet!
    Jamie: Cool, you’ll get to meet my road dogs.

    Millie: I know you Victoria, what do you want?
    Victoria: Is that  “I’m sorry” in coke whore land?

    Victoria (to Millie): I’m sorry to keep you…you must have mirrors to clean!

    Alexander (to Brooke): Your work should be your passion, not the place you hide when your love life sucks.

    Jamie: Life on the road was sweet. Living rock and roll city to city. One time the bus driver even let me drive!

    Jamie: Was Skills always bald

    Victoria (to Julian): You wanna stroke your ego? Don’t break my daughter’s heart in the process.

    Alex: Where’s Millie?
    McKenna: I don’t know, call 1-800-SnowNose.

    Quinn: At the end of the date he gave me a note that said “will you be my girlfriend? Yes, no or maybe”
    Clay: Get ‘er done Bobby Hobbs!
    Quinn: Wow.
    Clay: What? Game respects game


    Episode 7.14 :

    Clay (to Quinn): You want me to go to dinner with your ex who probably wants to kill me, and your sister who’s most likely insane?

    Clay: You look good covered in balls.

    Nathan: Now I know how Taylor feels.

    Haley: Who is Kylie?

    Quinn: Some girl who took a whore bath in Clay’s pool this morning.

    Haley: If Nathan and I got divorced and he showed up with Taylor playing kissy face not only would I never see them again, no would else would either.

    Alexander (to Brooke): You’re like an evil Disney character who feeds her servants porridge and pays them in buttons.

    Brooke (to David): Enjoy your last supper Judas!

    Taylor: Can we say grace first?

    Haley: Now you’re religious?

    Taylor: Well, I have been shouting god’s name a lot lately.

    Taylor: It was just one day at the gym, and who should walk into my stripper aerobics class?

    Clay: David.

    Taylor: Ohh, Quinny’s got herself a smart one.

    Clay: I thought contract negotiations were intense. It’s insane in that room! And David’s bigger than I remember.

    Taylor: That’s right, I’m the sister who actually sleeps with guys.

    Clay: Do they give you a medal or a shot for that?

    Haley: We have cupcakes for dessert!

    Taylor: Oh I wish I could be like Haley, eat whatever I want and get fat!

    Haley: Your lip’s about to get fat!

    Nathan: Just tell me you know how messed up this is.

    David: I was just trying to show Quinn…yes, it’s messed up.

    Nathan: That’s all I wanted to hear.

    David: So you’re not mad?

    Nathan: I’m not thrilled, but I didn’t exactly like how Quinn handled things either.

    Nathan: So you’re actually into Taylor or this was all to get back at Quinn?

    David: We’re actually having fun together. She’s the first person who’s made me smile in a long time.

    Nathan: Just make sure you like her for the right reasons, and not because she reminds you of your sister.

    David: So we’re okay?

    Nathan: Yeah, but if Haley asks I yelled at you and you’re sorry.

    David: I am.

    Chuck (seeing the James sisters fighting in the pool): I take it back…your family is cool!

    Jamie: Dude, I got 5 bucks on my mom!

    Nathan (laughing): Your family is crazy.

    Haley: Oh really…what time does Scott Free come on?

    Nathan: whoa, okay okay.



    Episode 7.15 :

    Brooke: Girl behind the brown door. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    Julian: Hey Brooke how are you doing?

    Brooke: Yeah I’m just watching a teamster paint my door a fugly shade of brown.

    Julian; Oh this must bring back a lot of memories for you.

    Brooke: You could say that…in high school this was Lucas’ bedroom.

    Haley (to Jamie): You have a lot of fun with Junk and Fergie. The two of them equal one adult.

    Haley: Quinn, come downstairs!

    Jamie: She’s busy pimping her hair.

    Haley: I hope you mean crimping.

    Julian (talking to an empty room): I’m so happy you’re all here to take this ride with me. Now lets make someone’s favorite movie. Ugh, sounded better in my head.

    Alex: Don’t worry I’ll start the slow clap if no one else does.

    Alex: Who’s your favorite director?

    Julian: John Hughes. His movies were about the struggle that every teenager goes through. Talk about clear vision.

    Alexander: Brooke Davis. Stunning in any decade.

    Quinn: I’m the one that has to drive home with slut written on my car.

    Kylie: I just wanted to better your chances of getting rear-ended.

    Julian: It wouldn’t be an 80s movie without a cameo from Crocodile Dundee.

    Julian (to Alexander): If you hurt her I will hunt you down in the Outback. And I don’t mean the steakhouse. Although I’ll go there too.



    Episode 7.16 : 

    Jamie: Who ate all my cereal?
    Quinn: Sorry buddy, Aunt Taylor likes to take things that aren’t hers.

    Clay: How’s it going J.Scott?
    Jamie: Too many girls at our house, not enough cereal.

    Julian (to Brooke about Alex): Can you make her sexier? Not sluttier, sexier.

    Lydia: I was sorry to hear about your wife. I lost my husband a while back.
    Clay: Yeah, Quinn told me. I’m sorry. How’ve you dealt with it?
    Lydia: It was hard, but it’s gotten easier. What about you?
    Clay: It’s tough to make new memories.
    Lydia: But you’re trying, right?
    Clay: I’m not sure it’s right.
    Lydia: That’s what they’d want for us… to know that we faced their absence with dignity and grace.
    Clay: Yeah the truth is I’m not sure I’ve been that gracious about any of it.

    Nathan: You working hard, or hardly working? …Shrek 2.
    Julian: Wow, that’s your movie quote? Shrek 2?
    Nathan:….I like Shrek 2.

    Miranda: You don’t want to make a record cuz it’s too personal?
    Grubbs: That’s right.
    Miranda: Personal sells records and wins Grammys. Personal gives people the words they’re too afraid to say. So when you’re ready to man up, come and make a record with me.

    Haley (to Nathan): I’m not the glue. My mom is. When she’s gone everything is going to fall apart.



    Episode 7.17 :

    Alexander: Don’t worry about the bags under your eyes…it’s not like anyone will see the movie anyway.

    Alex: Why are you still here!?

    Alex: Ugh, I got no sleep, I was up all night.

    Julian: Who was the guy?

    Alex: Actually, it was a lot of guys….did your mind actually just go there?

    Alex: I hate patio furniture.

    Julian: Me too, it always gets so dirty.

    Brooke: Mother, you’re glowing. In fact, you’ve been glowing for days. It’s getting weird.

    Victoria: I suppose it’s because I’ve taken a lover.

    Josh: Did you see Brooke Davis’ mom? I would totally hit that. Like today, I would hit that.

    Brooke: Wouldn’t it be weird if they ended up together?

    Julian: Yea, to tell you the truth I’m kind of envious of them…they’re going for it.

    Lydia: You’re taking good care of my daughter. I remember they day you came to ask our permission to marry her. You were so nervous. But I looked into your eyes and I just knew

    Nathan: What did you know?

    Lydia: That you were gonna change my daughter’s life. And I was right.

    Nathan: You are responsible for raising the woman who changed my entire world. I’ll never forget that Lydia. Thank you for saying yes.

    Brooke: Sometimes our relationship seems so simple and easy…but lately it just seems like a mess. And there are days when I would like to dive into that mess.

    Alex: If I really thought you and Brooke were just friends Alexander wouldn’t have been the one in my bed last night.

    Jamie: (in front of a decorated living room) Now we can spend Christmas together!


    Episode 7.18 :

    Julian: What is that?

    Brooke: That’s the costume for your jogger.

    Julian: My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and one of the Village People.

    Mouth (to Lauren): I’m sorry I asked you out. I was drunk. I was at Tric and Haley gave this carpe diem speech…the kind that makes you want to jump on your desk and rip pages out of your text book.

    Haley: How am I gonna get through this?

    Nathan: Graciously and courageously, the way you always do, with me by your side.

    Nathan: We need to talk to buddy.

    Jamie: Man to man?

    Nathan: Yeah. When you were at Andre’s this morning Grandma had an accident and is in the hospital. She’d like to see you.

    Jamie: She’s gonna die soon isn’t she?

    Nathan: Man to man? Yeah, buddy. Pretty soon. Want to talk about it?

    Jamie: If it wasn’t for Grandma I wouldn’t have Chester.

    Nathan: Didn’t your mom and I buy Chester?

    Jamie: Yeah, but you didn’t have a choice. Grandma taught me how to wish on a star.

    Nathan: You wished for Chester on a star?

    Jamie: Yup.

    Josh: You know what looks good on a black eye?

    Alex: If you say raw meat I will rip off your…

    Brooke (to Victoria): I ruined wardrobe, wrecked everything with the only guy who makes my world turn, and punched that whore of an actress. And the only thing she ever did wrong was sleep with Crocodile Dundee.

    Lydia (to Quinn): You know I loved David, but I feel the same way about Clay that I did Nathan. I think he’s one of the good ones.

    Jamie: I have a surprise for you.

    Lydia: I love surprises. What is it?

    (turns on star strobe lamp)

    Jamie: Make a wish.



    Episode 7.19 :

    Quinn: Your love for her won’t diminish us.
    So you don’t think I’m weird?
    All I know is that if I could see my mom, I would stay up all night talking to her.

    Brooke: Mother, another button please? The slutty milf look is sooo not you!

    Josh: Please do your job: keep my trailer stocked with red vines and lube!
    Julian: Hey Christian Slater, calm down!

    Jamie: I’m bored.
    You can’t be bored, you’re seven. You have any idea how fun being seven is? You know who’s babysitting you tonight?
    Please say Junk and Fergie!
    : Nope, me!

    Jamie: Is this how you got mom?
    Nathan: It took a lot more than a close shave to get your mom.
    When I met your mom I wasn’t the nicest guy in the world. I was selfish and fought a lot, but your mom made me better. Your mom made Uncle Lucas good too.
    : It must’ve been so cool having a brother…it’s like having your best friend over at your house all the time!
    You gotta remember Uncle Lucas and I weren’t really close when we were your age, but yeah, having a brother is like having an automatic best friend.

    Nathan: Can I ask you a favor? Even though she doesn’t show it all the time your mom is still very sad that your grandma died.
    Nathan: So I need you to keep an eye on her to make sure she’s not too sad…be the man of the house.


    Episode 7.20 :

    Brooke:  When you’re passionate about something, you put everything you got into it

    Brooke:  Have fun with your cub

    Victoria:  I think my hair looks amazing but that flag needs to be much bigger

    Alex:  Josh made the tape, I just suffered through it

    Millie:  can I ask you a question?
    Mouth:  what?
    Millie: do you never miss me?
    Mouth:  of course
    Millie: thanks, means a lot

    Brooke: ”Clothes over blows”

    Millie: I guess we made our beds and now we have to sleep in them

    Nathan:  its going to be okay
    Haley: .. I wanna be alone

    Katie:  you will never be sara
    Quinn:  neither will you

    Haley: .. I’m going to go call my mom



    Episode 7.21 :

    Haley: Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. I could tell you who said it, but who the hell cares.

    Brooke: I loved the scenes with them on the balcony and the way he looks at her when she’s sleeping.

    Josh: I can’t believe I have to pretend to be with you you you. Hear that? It’s the echo from your crotch.

    Haley: It all just feels so fake, ya know? This idea that good things happen to good people. That there’s magic in the world, and that the meek and the righteous will inherit it. Too many good people suffer for that to be true. Too many prayers go unanswered. And every day it just gets worse. Every day we ignore how truly broken this world is, and we tell ourselves it’s all going to be okay. But it’s not going to be okay. And once you know that, there’s no going back. There’s no magic in the world…at least today there isn’t.

    Nathan: We’re all crazy Hales, some of us just hide it better than others.

    Julian: Maybe the movie sucks. No, I’m serious, why did I get involved with film in the first place?
    Because when you were a little boy your dad took you to see The Thin Red Line and it was the best day you ever had.
    You don’t know me Brooke Davis.

    Chase: Relationships suck.
    I’m supposed to the one with the relationship problems, you’re supposed to be the bartender that’s a little rough around the edges and listens to all my problems.

    (Alexander and Victoria fall out of a changing room) Brooke: Really!? Please tell me Millicent isn’t in there too!

    Haley: I was thinking about the finality of it all – how someone can leave your world in the blink of an eye and be gone forever. It’s too enormous to think about. It’s too hard. And then you’re just supposed to go on, like you’re supposed to just deal with it, but really you’re only supposed to be sad for as long as the flowers last and then you’re supposed to go back to telling jokes and reminiscing about the old days. I don’t have any jokes to tell, in fact I hope I don’t hear another joke for as long as I live. And the old days are just gone.

    Haley: It’s not gonna work. Whatever prize you find in that box is not gonna fix me.
    Why not? It fixed me.

    Nathan: (about Haley) She’s always been everything to us, now it’s our turn to be her everything.

    Julian: I’ll take a beer…I’ve heard about your mixed drinks.
    Don’t be mean.
    I’ve got this theory that if the phone was invented after texting people would be all like “wow, you can actually HEAR the person!”

    Haley: I just tell myself to be happy. But I don’t feel happy. And when I try to change it, when I try to remember what being happy felt like, I can’t. I don’t feel joy. I don’t feel inspired. I just feel numb.

    Victoria: (to Haley): I know you’re in a great deal of pain right now, but I also know you’re aware of the choices you’re making. So I want you to listen to me. Then you can say something dismissive or snarky and be on your way. Sit. Please. Your mother was proud of you. And it would break her heart to know that her beautiful, kind, inspired daughter was suffering like this. I know that, because I’m a mother, too.  And so are you.  Our lives are difficult. Our losses are great sometimes. So grive. Struggle. Find your way back on your own terms and in your own way. But remember this: your mother would want you to be vibrant and inspiring in the face of her loss. She would want you to fight your pain with all you’ve got. Because that’s the daughter she raised. And that’s the daughter she loved.

    Nathan and Quinn listen to Lydia’s Voicemail: (Haley’s voice) Mom, it’s me. I know you’re gone. And you’re not coming back, but I was just thinking maybe somehow I could see you again or be able to talk to you or hear your voice. I snapped at Jamie today again, and he didn’t deserve it, and I don’t know why I did it, I just did. He deserves better than who I am right now and so does Nathan. Every day we ignore how truly broken this world truly is…(narration continues from earlier in the episode)



    Episode 7.22 :

    Haley: I was trying to feel something. Anything.
    Therapist: And what did you find down there?
    Haley: I remembered some of the good things in my life.
    Therapist: And did that make you feel alive?
    Haley: No. But it made me want to.

    Skills (to Mouth): Lauren told me what you said about us being boys and all. I just wanted to let you know it meant a lot to me.

    Jamie: How do I know you again?
    Chase: I’m Chase…bartender at Tric.
    Jamie: Whatever. You’re no Grubbs.

    Nathan: Jamie had fun today, the guys built him a snow fort. I know you came for him, and I love you for it.
    Haley: Please don’t think that I take that for granted. But I’m so grateful for who you’ve been through all this and who’ve you been.
    Nathan: There’s no other way to be. You’ve saved me so many times…I worry that I’ve been selfish with you. That I’ve taken advantage of your strength and your selflessness and that I’ve broken you somehow.
    Haley: No, no, you haven’t, you didn’t. I just have a weight in my heart that I didn’t have before. But it’s lighter today.

    Jamie: You look pretty when you smile Mama, I missed it.

    Nathan (to Julian): Opened with a sex scene? Nice job, Polanski. You get to explain it to the kid.

    Paul: You know this business is funny. We spend so much time telling fictional
    stories about compassion and nobility and kindness that we endanger our real
    lives, robbing them of these very qualities. And that’s a shame. Whenever I finished a movie I had an expression.
    Julian & Paul Simultaneously: Let’s kick it out of the nest and see if it flies.
    Paul: Well, son. We kicked you out of the nest. And it has been a pleasure to watch you soar.

    Julian: It’s pretty magical, isn’t it?
    Brooke: It’s beautiful. This whole trip has been perfect.
    Julian: Well, I had a little help. Last night at the bar Jamie gave me a gold star. Want to see it? (hands over an engagement ring) wait, that’s not it, that’s the engagement ring I bought for you…Hey. Everyone says the next thing I do, the next choice I make, is going to define me. My career. My life. Well the next thing I want to do is ask you to be my wife. And tell you how much I love you. And how nothing else matters. I look into your eyes, Brooke, and I see the rest of my life. And I see it with you. Marry me, Brooke Davis.




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