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    Je vous laisse découvrir l'interview en VO que nous traduirons dès que possible...

    Hi Kate, how are you?

    Hey Sharon, I’m great. How are you?

    Good! I don’t know if you just saw yet, but you just went up from No. 10 to No. 9 on iTunes!

    Oh, sweet!

    Yeah! So let’s talk about Gravity Happens. What inspired this album particularly?

    I think I was inspired by a lot of different things that happened in my life and the world around me just growing up. But in the last two years there have been a lot of things that happened that contributed to me really experiencing a lot of growth as a writer and as a person. And one of those would be I moved from Ohio to California. Even though I wasn’t living in Ohio -- I was really living on a tour bus (laughs) -- I finally gained the independence and the confidence to just have my own place and be out in this world. I knew a few people from music, but not really many people. That really impacted me a lot in a great way, but it was also a struggle and a challenge.

    And then I think just the things I learned about just how crazy life is really impacted me and inspired me in my songwriting. Because a lot of the themes on this record are about how life does throw you curve balls and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can only control how we’re going to deal with it. So, the things that inspired me the most were... I spent about a week in Nicaragua last year with some friends doing non-profit volunteer stuff and it really changed my perspective in a lot of ways. Just meeting kids who were so loving and friendly and happy, you know? Despite their living conditions and circumstances. It was pretty amazing. So yeah, a lot of this record has been inspired by that and just new things in my life that have come up and really taught me some things that I didn’t even know that I had yet to learn.

    Right. And this album is still very you, but the lyrics and tone seem a little more mature than your first two records. Would you agree? There are some fun, light songs, but there are also...

    ...Some darker areas. I think the contrast has just really been upped. You’re absolutely right. I’m so happy with the stuff I’ve been able to put out in the past. Really proud of it, but I’m just especially proud of this album. Because I think that I didn’t have any inhibitions with it. It's very vulnerable and very honest, and I kind of wanted it to have that, you know? To take some risks, and to be a little bit edgier in that regard. So, I’m glad that that’s kind of coming across.

    Definitely. Is there a particular song on this album that means the most to you?

    I think that they all have themes and things that are meaningful to me, but I would say that the song “Sandcastles” is the one that means the most because it probably came from the most honest place of anything on the record. You know, having to make a lot of decisions in my career, I was struggling with the challenge of that. And I was actually at the beach of all places and watching these little kids make sand castles, and I thought, “God, there’s a big part of me that wishes I was making sand castles instead of making big, adult, life decisions," you know? But what really got me through that was just writing music and listening to the music that inspires me. So that’s why the song talks about this "six-string religion," which I think is just my way of saying that music is healing for me. It’s something that really helps me through challenging times. I also think it’s one of my favorites just because people have been responding really positively to it. I think it’s really cool to see that other people kind of feel the same way. They've been there.

    And what made you choose Gravity Happens as the title for the album?

    I think that "Gravity Happens" was just a natural title because the song was one that was pretty personal for me and was about a lot of that stuff that I talked about initially. Just how about how life is…hard, and it’s beautiful, but it’s hard no matter who you are. Whether it’s small petty challenges or big heavy things. Everybody has a lot to go through, and you never know what somebody’s been through or what their story is. And so, “Gravity Happens” is a song just about that, you know? Gravity is basically anything that can really bring you down. And so, that stuff is going to happen and it’s going to come up in life, but it’s all how we deal with it, which is where the “I'll fasten wings to my shoes" line comes from. So I thought, you know what, there’s not a more perfect name for this album. Because that’s kind of an allusion to the whole album in general. Yeah, gravity happens, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to rise above it and get through it?

    Right. So the first single is going to be “Heart in Chains”?

    In Canada, yeah, we’re doing “Heart in Chains," but in the U.S. we’re going with “Sandcastles” actually.

    Oh cool! Which video did you just shoot?

    That was for “Heart in Chains” in Canada.

    Will you have a video coming out here anytime soon?

    Yeah. Well I’m sure we’ll be able to cross promote the video from Canada too. Just because “Heart in Chains” was a song that got a big look on One Tree Hill and is definitely a focus track of the record, but I am planning to make a video for “Sandcastles” as well. And we’re focusing on that one here in the States. And I’m excited because I think that the “Heart in Chains” video was really cool, very artistic, fun and it really embodies… I don’t know what the video will look like yet, but I’m excited to visualize that thought.

    Great. And speaking of One Tree Hill, did you get to watch the season finale with your song?

    Yea I did. I wanted to watch it so I could live Tweet and talk about it with the fans and it was really cool. It was really cool to see that they did some great things for the song and the record by allowing me to play the song and featuring it, and writing that in. It was very cool.

    What do you think about the show being picked up for season 9?

    Oh, I think it’s fantastic. I think that the writers, and everybody on the show deserves it, and I love being a part of the show. It’s such a wonderful thing for my music and a great creative challenge as an actor to sort of learn that craft, you know? What I set out to do with my life was really a cool thing, and I’m exciting about dipping my feet in further in whatever capacity makes sense depending on what’s going on with me and this album. I’d love to be back and involved in season 9. It’s exciting to everybody. They really saved the core and have found a way to make that show continue to be relevant and continue to be exciting season after season. So I’m really proud of everyone.

    Awesome. Yeah, it seems like they kind of closed the book on Chase and Mia though. But, maybe they’ll open it back up next season? Hopefully?

    Yes! I know! It’s an ongoing mystery. I liked the scene with Chase and Mia [in the season finale] because they still deeply care for each other and care about what’s going on in each other’s lives, and it was a nice wrap up to their storyline for now. It was fun to shoot with Stephen. He’s like one of my favorite people. He’s a great dude and really fun to work with.

    Great! So would you want to pursue acting anymore after the show?

    I think music is my first love and my first language, and it’s definitely my focus, but acting, it surprised me. I initially went on the show thinking, "Ok cool. I’ll get to play some songs and I’ll kind of figure out this acting thing as I go." And then I really started to fall in love with the craft, the creative challenge of acting. So it’s something that I would love to dip my feet into further and maybe into roles that have nothing to do with music... kind of separating the two a little bit. I think that it’s definitely a tough balance to strike. Obviously, in the entertainment business there are a lot of people who do what I do -- they act and they play music. But you definitely have to be careful about how you do it because people do not want to take you seriously in one field or the other, you know? And I think that as long as you show that you’re doing both for the right reasons... For me, I wouldn’t just take any role and do it just to get recognized or acknowledged more quickly. For me, it’s really about the creativity of it and if I feel like I can do a good job and embody a character, then I’d love to look more into it.

    Definitely, I totally agree. So, you are going on tour soon! Are you excited?

    I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to hit the road, I miss the road. I'm heading out with Natasha Bedingfield who is an amazing woman and just a sweet girl. Obviously, [she is], an incredibly talented artist. And I think it’s just going to be really fun. I’m thrilled about these new songs. I definitely think they’re going to translate live better than anything I’ve ever put out before because they are pretty stripped down. There isn’t a big wall of backing vocals on every song and there isn’t 150 instruments on everything. I think it’s going to be really fun to take the show to the fans and show them that side of it. The live music aspect of this job is probably my favorite part of it. Meeting and talking to fans, there’s nothing better. I just love it, I really do. So it’s going to be a fun summer.

    Is there any city in particular you’re excited to go to?

    Hard to say! There’s a really good lineup on this tour. But, I’m really looking forward to our New York show. I love New York City and Irving Plaza is a great venue, so I’m really looking forward to that. My east coast fan base is pretty sweet. Some of my biggest super fans who are just the most amazing dedicated people ever, are always at those New York shows and it’s always so much fun. I’m really looking forward to that. I love playing in Omaha as much as a I love playing in New York or L.A. It’s just all about the vibe and there are some cities that really surprise you and turn out to be the most liveliest passionate fans. It’s really, really cool.

    So I know you've sung with a ton of people like All Time Low and Marianas Trench. Is there anyone out there you're dying to duet with?

    Oh yeah, absolutely. There are so many artists out there where I’m like, "Oh, I would love to work with that person! I’d love to work with that person!" It’s crazy, its hard to say. I think that Eddie Vedder is someone. I’m absolutely crazy about everything he does. So that’s like the "pie in the sky" collaboration. Also, I’m loving the Zac Brown Band right now. I love the fact that they are country, but it’s not quite country, you know? I’m dying to sing in some capacity with Zac Brown. I’m a fan of their writing and their approach. It’s really cool. They blur the line between a lot of genres.

    Awesome. Well thank you for talking with us, Kate!

    Yea absolutely. Thank you so much.

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