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    Episode 9.01 :

    Nathan: Someday after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity we will harnest for God the energies of Love. And for the second time in the history of the world, man would have discovered Fire.

    Dan: If you can leave the killing to me. I’m already on the list.
    Chris: Chris Keller doesn’t like this

    Quinn: Clay listen to me
    Clay: I told you I don’t want your help
    Quinn: can’t you see that you’re in trouble we need to figure this out
    Clay: I told you to go, I don’t need you here Quinn
    Quinn: you don’t mean that
    Clay: you’re right is not that I don’t need you here is that I don’t want you here, get out

    Brooke: Babe Jude again
    Julian: Davis
    Brooke: He’s been sleeping so well
    Julian: I think they tag off so they can get their rest unlike us
    Brooke: it will get better
    Julian: we said that months ago seriously I say we go with plan b and we find a really nice mansion and leave them on the porch
    after that we sleep, we go to the movies, we go to restaurants and we never speak of this again
    Julian: I say we go with plan C, we will take them to an orphanage, they are cute someone will take them

    Haley: Hi honey
    Nathan: I woke u up, sorry thought you’d be up with Lydia
    Haley: no she’s not doing that 5am thing anymore but her daddy would know if he were ever here
    Nathan: ah you know what this is all just a bad dream Haley James go back to bed
    Haley: don’t you dare I miss you
    Nathan: not as much as I miss you, soon I will be home Clay will go to Europe and we could all be a family again
    Haley: its better when your here
    Nathan: yea it is, ok you go back to bed I’ll call you when the suns up
    Haley: (giggling) that’s like ten minutes from now
    Nathan: in 10 minutes I’ll call you back
    Haley: (giggling) you better not, I love you Nathan Scott
    Nathan: I love you too angel sweet dreams
    Haley: goodnight

    Nathan: “People say hell is endless, they say it’s our worst nightmare, the face of our darkness, but whatever it is, however it is, I say hell is envy and all the devils are here.”

    Alex: oh my god what is that
    Chase: Smoke Alarm
    Alex: Stop drop and role
    Alex: why did you do that?
    Chase: What
    Alex: Put the clock all the way over there
    Chase: Because we have a big shipment coming into trick, my girlfriend is so hot that if I don’t, I won’t get up
    Alex: Are you sure you have to go?
    Chase: you’re the devil you know that
    Alex: you love it
    Chase: what the hell the bar doesn’t need booz right
    Alex: screams and laughs and says go to work my sexy fighter pilot bar manager
    Chase: tonight you and me this bed we will do some things
    Alex: I hope so, especially since I’m going to tease you all day long
    Chase: ohhh be careful Dupree I might tease back
    Chase: I like waking up to you
    Alex: I like waking up to you

    Quinn: you’re going to have to see someone
    Clay: a lot of people sleep long
    Quinn: around there bedroom and then they get back in their bed. They don’t get dressed grab their phone and go sleep in a park.
    Clay: if it happens again I’ll go
    Quinn: Again, Clay the first time I found you out by the pool where you could have sleep drowned, then out on the beach and now at the park a mile away
    Clay: I know but I feel like I’m going to be fine I promise, no doctors ok not yet

    Brooke: Hi everyone
    Les clients : Hi Brooke
    Brooke: I love that
    Haley: Hey so you’re getting any sleep
    Brooke: no its terrible
    Haley: no you gotta let them cry it out
    Brooke: I can’t, they team up on me with their wonder twins powers of cuteness and it’s like I get a double dose of quilt
    how do you do it
    Haley: iPod and a glass of wine

    Haley: Hello
    Chris Keller: Well Well
    Haley: No No
    Chris: you sound like the last 4 girls I asked out
    Haley: what are you trying to pull off Chris?
    Chris: you still sound like
    Haley: what
    Chris: who hired me to run the label. ok Chris Keller was using a fake name but you look hot by the way
    Haley: you are not running the label
    Chris: ok you don’t look hot even thought you do, look the point is you like the guy in the emails
    Haley: yea I like the guy in the emails, the guy in the emails was Harry Johnson, I liked Harry Johnson
    Chris: (rires)
    Haley: Harry Johnson that’s nice, nice to see you have grown up over the years Chris
    Chris: come on that’s funny, look just – just give me a chance besides the parent company already signed off on me they are coming to boss
    Haley: so I’m going to talk to them and this little arrangement is temporary don’t get to comfortable
    Haley: Liar (criant)
    Chris: this is going to be great – did I mention you look hot

    Haley: Stupid lieing third person talking jerk – Harry Johnson
    Chase: Harry Johnson (murmurant)

    Brooke: Should we say patty cake patty cake for Baker Man – Baker Man a line of designer duds for your little man or men. We could start over mom.

    Chris: It's Crap
    Alex: You're crappy
    Chris: ok Chris Keller was hoping you would say you didn’t have a boyfriend
    Alex: I hate you
    Chris: That song is crappy but that ass is not

    Haley: You scared the hell out of me
    Nathan: I’m Sorry you're ok ?
    Haley: I just don’t know why we bought such a big house, it gets really spooky when you’re not here
    Nathan: Is it spooky for a reason or are you watching scary movies spooky
    Haley: They’re both spooky ok besides is not fair when your suppose to have a big strong husband who should be here and I sleep better knowing that your side of the bed is closer to the door because if somebody breaks in then they are probably going to brake in and get you first and I can run, OKAY
    Nathan: You say the Sweetest things to me Haley James
    Haley: I just miss you, I want you to come home – I get spoiled when you are here
    Nathan: Well prepare to be spoiled because I’m going to be home tomorrow night or the next day depending on these flights
    Haley: Really that just made my heart race
    Nathan: mine too, now you take that feeling and you go back to bed ok? I’ll be home before you know it.
    Haley: ok, I can’t wait, I love you Nathan
    Nathan: I love you too, Sweet Dreams
    Haley: Ok

    Brooke: They like it when I drive, so I drive. It’s funny I grew up in Tree Hill, I spent most of my life here. But it wasn’t til my sons were born and I couldn’t sleep that I really got to know this place. That use to be my view of tree hill at 2am, well my partial view. Now this is my view, we drive through the same streets I drove in high school and listen to the same music, at least when we can agree. Sometimes we try the 80′s, sometimes classic rock, Sunday lane works for all of us. 2am, 3am, 4 we drive and we think and we fuss a bit. Sometimes we eat, well I eat, I guess some people might let it wear on them, the lack of sleep. But I don’t mind it really. I like tree hill like this, I like my car like this, warm, safe and loved. It’s what I wished for, mostly.

    Julian: They are buying boys in china. I got it.
    Brooke: Sometimes my heart aches at how my life turned out. In a good way. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been hardships. There have been but I’m here and here is good.

    Clay: did you stay up all night
    Quinn: It's fine
    Clay: ok I’m going to go see a doctor
    Quinn: Today
    Clay: Today
    Quinn: thank god I spent so much money online last night, I bought you leather pants. You have to wear them shirtless and you have to let me take photos of you.
    Clay: Umm only if I grow a mustache and you have to call me Sergio
    Quinn: No Clay you have too
    Clay: Who’s Clay?
    Quinn: Sergio

    Chase à Chris: Criant sur Chris: Stop telling my girlfriend her song is Crappy ok, I had an amazing sex life until you showed up. You peacock looking dork.

    Victoria: Imagine that Robert Theodore Davis in a church and it’s still standing.

    Haley: Well, I’m assuming this is not a coincidence
    Dan: Hi Haley
    Dan: she’s, she’s beautiful
    Haley: what are you doing here Dan?
    Dan: I called the house looking for Nathan
    Haley: He’s out of town
    Dan: Yeah I know I talk to Jaime – he said you were here
    Haley: Okay
    Dan: I had a fire at the diner, I lost everything.
    Haley: I’m sorry to hear that
    Dan: I had a little place in the back you know. Where I lived, that’s my home. I’m not proud of this Haley,
    Haley: How much do you need Dan?
    Dan: I don’t want your money. I’ll get back on my feet, I was just hoping I just thought that you could put me up for just a couple of days until I can sort things out.
    Haley: Ahh I can’t get a hold of Nathan and even if I could I really don’t think that
    Dan: I know what I’ve done Haley, I know how Nathan feels about me. See you have to know that I wouldn’t be here if I had no other place to go. Do you know what is like to have a beautiful granddaughter and have no expectations of who you are or accept the fact that you will never be a part of your son’s family? You decide. I know what I have done, I know what I have created, I just need a little help, Please.

    Haley: Ok the guest room is all made up
    Dan: Thank you Haley
    Haley: It’s just for a night or two you’re going to have to make other arrangements
    Dan: of course, have you spoken to Nathan yet?
    Haley: No, I haven’t but I will and if he says you have to go your going to have to go.
    Dan: I understand
    Jamie: Mom
    Dan: Hi Jamie
    Jamie: Grandpa Dan
    Dan: Hey Buddy (à Jamie) ohm I missed you

    Quinn: did you take your pills?
    Clay: I took my pills
    Quinn: you feel ok
    Clay: I feel fine, I’m right here, I love you I’m not going anywhere so go on and close those pretty eyes. It’s my turn to watch you sleep tonight.

    Chris: Well, Well it’s the Haley James late night booty call
    Haley: Haley James Scott and it really isn’t. What are you doing here so late?
    Chris: I’m getting caught up, trying to figure out how best to run this label. If you let me that is?
    Chris: Haley, Chris Keller Missed you!

    Alex: Do only the only thing better than waking up in the morning with you is spending the night with you.

    Nathan: “People say hell is endless, they say it’s our worst nightmare, the face of our darkness, but whatever it is, however it is, I say hell is empty and all the devils are here.”


    Episode 9.02 :

    Brooke: Julian, Julian wake up
    Julian: what’s wrong?
    Brooke: nothing
    Julian: I see
    Brooke: not good, the babies
    Julian: what about them?
    Brooke: they are not crying and we are sleeping.
    Julian: they are gone, someone stole them.
    Brooke: no

    Victoria: good morning
    Brooke: mom?
    Julian: I must be dreaming, quick slap me
    Brooke slaps Julian
    Julian: thank you, shes still here.
    Brooke: when did you get in? How did you get in?
    Victoria: I got the key under the lawn note
    Brooke: does everybody know about the key under the lawn note
    Julian: Apparently yes, are the boys ok?
    Victoria: Of course, they’re ok. Ive done this before you know.
    Brooke: barely
    Victoria: there’s coffee and pastries and you don’t see your father doing things like this
    Brooke: dad! I told him I’d meet him for breakfast
    Victoria: but we have breakfast here
    Brooke: but we have business to discuss
    Victoria: what’s business?
    Julian: oh my God, I love this coffee cake
    Brooke: hes going to help me with baker man
    Julian: quiet baby, this coffee cake tastes amazing
    Victoria: but we were going to do the clothing line together
    Brooke: yes mother we were until you said no, daddy said yes
    Julian: this is so good Victoria

    Nathan: This is not good Hayles. I come home to find my father holding Lydia.
    Haley: I know, but he said his diner burned down and we were standing in a church. What was I suppose to do?
    Nathan: Give him Money
    Haley: I offered him money but he said he didnt want our money. He just needed a place to stay for a while. Honey, I would have love to have to talk to you before I made this decision. But I couldnt. What do you want me to say. Im sorry. Im really sorry.
    Nathan: Dont, don’t be sorry. One of the things I love about you is how caring you are. It just caught me by surprise. I suppose Jaime’s thrilled.
    Haley: Yea he is. Though I did tell Dan that if you said he has to go – that he has to go. So, What do you think?
    Nathan to Dan: You have to go. Get dressed.

    Chris Keller: You sure you want to re-record these guitar parts because once people find out Chris Keller played on your tracks.

    Alex: giggles
    Chris Keller: I’m just saying.
    Alex: What happened to you anyway?
    Chris Keller: My therapist said I wasn’t held enough as a child.
    Alex: Clearly, but that’s not what I’m talking about. What happened to you as an artist?
    Chris Keller: What are you talking about? I had a song out all over TV last year alright. (Singing) Toaster Pastries, they look a little yummy, Toaster pastries get into my tummy
    Alex: The toaster pastry song – that was you? I though Quinn made that up.
    Chris Keller: That song pays my rent.
    Alex: but, you were kind of a big deal
    Chris Keller: Oh, Chris Keller is still a big deal. I just, I just miss some opportunities back then. Took some things for granted. Sometimes I wish somebody would’ve talk to me.

    Millie: Somebody’s gotta talk to him.
    Jimmy: The ratings are better than ever. They like the cooking segment, his restaurant reviews.
    Millie: Come on – you cannot make this about his health. I tried discussing with somebody already but he’s chickened out and he’s getting worse.
    Jimmy: OK, I’ll do it!
    Millie: No, I’ll do it but if it goes poorly I need you to back me up.
    Jimmy: Of course besides you’ve both been there.
    Millie: Yea

    Chuck: Is that Chris Keller?
    Chase: Yea, that’s him
    Chuck: What a tool! Im going to get that guy right in the goods.
    Alex: Hey
    Chase: Hey, here we go. You distract them and Ill get her key. Cool. Hey, Chuck wanted to see the studio again do you mind?
    Alex: Umm we are kind of busy right now
    Chase: Great, He’s coming in
    Chuck: Im going to give this guy the business. Cool.
    Chase starts looking for the keys and gets caught by Alex.
    Alex: Heyyyy
    Chase: Hey
    Alex: What are you doing with my purse?
    Chase: Oh, I needed some money. You know, so that I can buy you a present.
    Alex: With my own money?
    Chase: Sorry
    Alex: Okay, its fine. I guess I am seeing you and the present that I am buying myself later.
    Chase: Definitely, just come over when you’re done.
    Alex: Okay
    Chase: Thanks for the money, honey.

    Now chuck is singing with Chris Keller and getting along.
    Chuck: Awesome Chris Keller
    Chase: Chuck! Lets go!
    Chuck: But its ok, Chris Keller said I could stay.
    Chase: Chuck!
    Chuck: Alright, fine. See you later Chris Keller
    Chris Keller: See you buddy
    Chase: You really gave him the business
    Chuck: Chris Keller called me buddy

    Ted: There’s my cookie.
    Brooke: Daddy your cookie is over baked. I’ve been waiting forever.
    Ted: Sorry Angel, I found my way to our old country club and I couldn’t resist.
    Brooke: Golfing or drinking?
    Ted: A little bit of both. Here’s the good news. While you were sitting here sunning yourself, your old man was schmoozing it off with an old friend who wants to invest in Brooke Davis.
    Brooke: What old friend?
    Ted: Just some guy I know. He said that he read somewhere that high end baby clothes are going to be the next big thing and I told him it will be if my talented daughter is designing them. Bet your mothers hooks never moved that fast.
    Brooke: Dad, how would you feel if we included mom?
    Ted: You know I think your mother had her chance and she betrayed your trust. This is our turn. Now honey, we are going to do it right.

    Nathan: You woke up in the park
    Jaime: Cool
    Clay: Thanks a lot
    Quinn: He needed to know
    Nathan: Clay you need to see a doctor
    Clay: I saw a doctor and everything is going to be fine.
    Nathan: Well until then you can’t go to Europe.
    Quinn: That’s what I said
    Clay: It’s only happened a couple of times
    Quinn: Four
    Clay: and it only happens at night
    Jaime: It’s like you’re a werewolf
    Clay: I have a plan alright until the medication fixes it I go to Europe. During the day I scout and at night I’ll handcuff myself to the bed.
    Jaime: It’s totally like you’re a werewolf
    Nathan: Your plan sucks Wolfie
    Quinn: That’s what I said
    Clay: Nate you have been traveling a lot. You have a family; you also have a partner in this company that needs to pull his own weight.
    Nathan: and you have a partner in this company who can help you when you are not at your best and clearly you are not.
    Quinn: that’s what I said but I said that too
    Nathan: You need to get well Clay that’s it.
    Clay: So, you’re going to go to Europe. Try saying that to Haley.

    Nathan: I gotta go to Europe
    Haley: I thought Clay was going
    Nathan: I know but apparently clay
    Jaime: Clay is a werewolf!
    Nathan: Clay is a werewolf.
    Haley: What? Nathan you just got home
    Nathan: I know, you have every right to say that but turns out Clay has some kind of sleeping disorder. He’s been waking up all over town. Quinn found him at the park the other day and the police picked him up last night.

    Haley: Ohhhh that’s bad.

    Nathan: Yea, his plan was to go to Europe and handcuff himself to the bed.

    Haley: That was his plan?

    Nathan: Exactly, I know I have been gone way too much but I am his business partner Haley and the company is called fortitude

    Haley: Stupid Name
    Nathan: There’s a showcase for international talent, all the best players will be there and one of us has to go. I go for a week or so, Clay gets better and then I get to be home for the rest of the year no matter what.
    Haley: Arrr, alright you can go to Europe on one condition take me with you and handcuff me to the bed.
    Nathan: I wish. I’m sorry. I love you and I’m not going to be gone forever.
    Haley: What are we going to do about Dan?
    Nathan: Dan has to go

    Chuck: Toaster Pastries you look so good and yummy, toaster pastries get into my tummy

    Jaime: I think it’s good what you are doing for Clay dad.
    Nathan: Thanks buddy, just until he gets better.
    Jaime: yea, I just wish you didn’t have to leave so soon though
    Nathan: Yea me too
    Jaime: Good thing grandpa Dan is here to help things out.
    Nathan: I know you like having Grandpa Dan around but he’s probably going to have to leave too
    Jaime: Because you won’t let him stay huh I know he said that stuff about insurance but I just figured you wouldn’t let him stay and I wish you would.
    Dan: Haley, I just want to say once again thanks for taking me in. I assume it’s caused some conflict between you and Nathan. I know that you are smart enough to know that it was going to in advance so thank you.

    Haley: Dan not a day goes by that I don’t miss Keith. Or hate you for what you did to him. To Nathan and to our entire family, I have no sympathy for you. But if there is such a thing as rehabilitation or forgiveness then I believe a person should have the opportunity to prove that they’ve changed. That’s why you’re here.

    Julian: Hey baby, how was your meeting?
    Brooke: Awesome, my dad thinks he might have an investor for the company.
    Julian: Wow that was fast. How would he like to invest into a failing sound stage too?
    Brooke: It isn’t failing, it’s just starting out.
    Julian: Well, I am happy for you. It’s going to make your mom insane.
    Brooke: Yea, probably so.
    Julian: No not probably, definitely. She spent the entire morning raking your dad over the coals and trying to recruit me.
    Brooke: Like what did she say?
    Julian: She said it was irresponsible of me to trust him with you and that I should try to brake you two up.
    Brooke: Is that right?

    Brooke: Are you really so threatened that my well being means nothing to you?
    Victoria: You sound upset
    Brooke: I am upset!
    Victoria: Well good that makes two of us.
    Brooke: What do you have to be upset about?
    Victoria: Well, I am not getting any younger, I am not having any sex and my conniving ex husband comes into town to steal my daughter and my daughters fashion line from me.
    Brooke: First of all, ewww Second of all, Daddy didn’t steal anything. You said no mom.
    Victoria: I said not yet and really, daddy when has he ever been a father to you.
    Brooke: People change mother
    Victoria: Not him. Why do you need his approval or his affection anyway?
    Brooke: Because he’s my father
    Victoria: and a poor excuse for one at that. And you completely disregard my feelings in some desperate attempt to get him to love you. More, get him to love you more.
    Brooke: Okay, Do you understand how ridiculous this is? I have to make clothes to get my parents attention.
    Victoria: Brooke


    Brooke: That unless I spin the straw into gold or attract investors you two chime in on the holidays at best? Yet I still do it, why?
    Because I have some insane notion that someday the clothes are going to bring us closer. And that maybe, just maybe mom my parent will actually want to spend time with me.
    Victoria: You’re right, you’re Right! You should be able to do whatever you like with your father and I should be able to wish you the best and hope that it brings every great happiness but I can’t.
    Brooke: Mom, Mom!

    Haley: Hey Jaime, go get me the magazine in the room.
    Jaime: Which one?
    Haley: Just the magazine on top of the coffee table.
    Jaime: Why?
    Haley: Huh
    Jaime: What do you need…
    Haley: Jaime, Just get me the magazine
    Jaime: Okay, fine
    Nathan: (Scared Jaime) Don’t talk to strangers.
    Jaime: Ahhh, giggling
    Nathan: I got you didn’t I.
    Jaime: Yea
    Nathan: I miss you boy
    Jaime: I miss you too
    Nathan: Oh, Where are you going?
    Jaime: I have to get this to mom, she has to have this for some reason.
    Haley laughs

    Nathan: Okay Jaime, I was thinking you might want to hang out with me today. Shoot some hoops, go up to see Clay or something.
    Jaime: Okay, by the way thanks for letting grandpa Dan stay. Its pretty awesome. Mom, you didn’t set a plate for grandpa?
    Dan: Amazing breakfast Haley
    Jaime: Better than at your diner?
    Dan: I don’t know about that.
    Jaime: So grandpa, I thought that maybe one of these nights we could camp out on the backyard. I can set up my tent and everything.
    Dan: Actually Jaime, I’m going to be leaving tonight
    Jaime: Why?
    Dan: Well, the insurance people have arranged a place for me to stay in town
    Jaime: But you have a place to stay right here. They cant make you leave, can they?
    Dan: I think they can.

    Julian: Mmm, this coffee cake was really good.
    Victoria: A fashion line with her father
    Julian: I am sure she would love to have you involved.
    Victoria: Ugh, I know he’s doing this on purpose. I can just see that stupid smug face of his smoking one of his disgusting cigars and laughing that despicable laugh.
    Julian: You guys really loved each other
    Victoria: You watch it. How come when you thought I was a threat to Brooke’s happiness – you gave me this big talk about being good to her. But when Ted’s in the picture, you just sit there with a ridiculous haircut, eating bacon and cracking lines.
    Julian: What’s wrong with my haircut?
    Victoria: How come he gets a free pass?
    Julian: He doesnt get a free pass. I just want Brooke to be happy and right now she’s happy because her father is back in her life.
    Victoria: He’s up to something, you will see.
    Julian: Maybe He’s not. Maybe it’s all in your head.

    Clay: You’re saying it’s all in my head?
    Doctor Hudson: Not definitively but all your tests look fine. Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?
    Clay: So, you don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with me?
    Quinn: Clay, she’s just trying to help.
    Clay: A long time ago, I saw a psychiatrist.
    Doctor Hudson: Can I ask why?
    Clay: My wife passed away and my doctor thought it would help if I talk to someone.
    Doctor Hudson: And did it?
    Clay: No, not really. Yea, that was a long time ago. I don’t think that’s what’s affecting me. I just need to sleep better. So, isn’t there some kind of treatment, prescription that you can recommend?
    Quinn: Why don’t you just suggest a psychiatrist doctor Hudson?
    Doctor Hudson: Historically, many sleep disorders are triggered by something psychological.

    Quinn: Why wouldn’t you?
    Clay: Cause its weird
    Quinn: It’s not weird. It might help.
    Clay: It might not.
    Quinn: Clay, if seeing a psychiatrist is going to help you then go see a psychiatrist. Why are you being so stubborn?
    Clay: How am I being stubborn?
    Quinn: You didn’t even want to go to the doctor. You said you were fine then I wake up and you are nowhere to be found and this isn’t getting better. Do you understand what this feels like?
    Clay: How would you like to be the one wondering around the country side?
    Quinn: I wouldn’t want to be but if I was and seeing a psychiatrist could stop it. Then I would go in a second. I think its terrible what’s happening to you but this is happening to me too. I feel so panicked because you are out there and you’re not yourself and I am worried that someone is going to hurt you or that something bad might happen to you.
    Clay: I know, but let me just try this new medication and let’s see what happens. I have an agency to run; I have to go to Europe now that Nate’s back. I know that this is our problem, it’s not just mine but I have a life to live.
    Quinn: What about tonight? What if it happens again?
    Clay: I don’t know, hand cuff me to the bed.
    Quinn: Clay!
    Clay: I’m serious, why not? Might be fun.

    Millie: I couldn’t do it.
    Jimmy: You didn’t talk to him?
    Millie: I didn’t know how, its not an easy subject to just bring up.
    Jimmy: What’s the problem. You just say: I think you are really plumping up there jumbo.
    Millie: You better not say it like that.
    Jimmy: Me?
    Millie: Yes you!
    Jimmy: Fine, I will talk to him.
    Millie: Good, here he comes.
    Mouth: Hey
    Millie: Hey Honey
    Mouth: What’s up Jimmy?
    Jimmy: Have a good show.
    Mouth: Thanks

    Chuck: So, Who’s that guy who told Alex her son is no good.
    Chase: Crappy, He said it was crappy. His name is Chris Keller
    Chuck: Oh, I read about that guy, he dates a lot of girls. You should probably be worried.
    Chase: Dude – Shut up! Besides things are great with me and Alex
    Chuck: Too bad she doesn’t have a little sister so that we could double date. How old is her mom do you think?
    Chase: How would you like to go on a little covert mission with me today?
    Chuck: Cool, Like what?
    Chase: I’m a steal Alex’s room key from her purse at red bedroom records and then move all her stuff over here.
    Chuck: Why?
    Chase: So she can move in.
    Chuck: You’re asking Alex to move in? What about me?
    Chase: You have a house Chuck.
    Chuck: But still let me move in.
    Chase: Chuck, I am asking Alex to move in with me because she’s my girlfriend and because I love her.
    Chuck: You do?
    Chase: Yea, I do.
    Chuck: Gross or Cool, I don’t know.
    Chase: So, what do you think? You want to help me?
    Chuck: and mess with that creep Chris Keller, Definitely!
    Chase: That’s my boy, Lets go.

    Alex: okay as much as I hate to say it and trust me I really hate to say it – You were right.
    Chris Keller: Of course I was right and that song is a hit with a little radio some luck and a lot of touring.
    Alex: Im going to take the luck and the radio
    Chris Keller: That’s not enough, you have to tour. You have to go from east coast to west coast, you play every night and then you turn around and do if again. Here’s the good news, there’s an opening slot on a great tour and I can get it for you.
    Alex: umm hello I have a boyfriend here and I am mixing my album.
    Chris Keller: I can mix the record and this tour is more important than your boyfriend.
    Alex: don’t say that and besides if its so great then why don’t you take the tour.
    Chris Keller: pss Chris Keller doesn’t open. Chris Keller headlines.
    Alex: huh yea that Toaster Pastry tour. Sorry.
    Chris Keller: that’s fair. When you asked what happened to my career and I told you I made some mistakes. Most of them had to do with not realizing the opportunities I had. I think smart enough how fragile they were. This tour is one of those opportunities for you – the old version of me might have passed – this version wouldn’t.

    Alex: Don’t you need some actors or maybe a writer?
    Julian: um I had both of those things and she wanted to be a musician. Hi!
    Alex: hi!
    Julian: so tell me you came to rent out my sound stage?
    Alex: ugh I wish, I just need some advice
    Julian: Great its free when you rent out my sound stage
    Alex: laughs
    Julian: alright what’s up?
    Alex: I have a chance to go on a tour but the last time I left town I almost lost chase.
    Julian: but you guys are in a better place now
    Alex: we are but don’t you miss it? Being in a new city and telling stories and playing dress up and just being apart of it all.
    Julian: yea I do but I have a family now Alex. And I want to be around to watch them grow but I get it, you know what we do is like running away joining a circus and for a lot of us its hard to give that up.
    Alex: I love roaming around and living out of a suitcase.
    Julian: so maybe chase will understand that. If not, one of you is going to have to change.


    Chuck: you know if Alex were a guy we would have been done hours ago.
    Chase: hey if Alex were a guy she would not be moving in with me
    Chuck: just saying what is all this stuff
    Chase: its girl stuff chuck
    chuck: I know, but why? My mom has all this crap too and what do guys have clothes and soap. Geez
    Chase: one of these days you will appreciate the effort girls make
    Chuck: whatever, I don’t know if girls like me that much. I mean I try to be nice to them but they always make me seem like a dork.
    Chase: well, that part never changes but don’t worry about it just be yourself and be nice and at some point probably right after a terrible brake up and your not looking for a girlfriend you will meet the right girl.
    Chuck: I wonder if Chris Keller has a girlfriend.
    Chase: Im not sure if Chris Keller has a girlfriend type
    Chuck: what’s that suppose to mean?
    Chase: I mean that ive seen his hair.
    Chuck: my moms magazines says Chris Keller can have any girl he wants. He probably just roll solo like me.
    Chase: you know you were suppose to put him in his place
    Chuck: well yea that’s before Chuck Scormic found out how cool Chris Keller really was
    chase: really, third person?
    Chuck: Im just trying it out
    Chase: well, don’t! Your new pal Chris called my girlfriends song crappy.
    Chuck: huh he liked my song maybe her song is crappy.
    Chase: Dude, I am about to vanish you.
    Chuck: What Chuck Scormic tells it like it is.
    Chase: Hey stop it with the third person

    Haley: Are you going to talk to Dan
    Nathan: I am about to. Its fine, just Dan Scott sleeping in my guest room, how much worse can it get?
    Door Bell Rings
    Nathan: Why do I say these things?
    Chris Keller: Well, Well, Nathan Scott
    Nathan: Chris Keller what are you doing here?
    Chris Keller: I run Red Bedroom Records, didn’t Haley tell you.
    Nathan: Apparently my wife no longer tells me things.
    Haley: It was, ugh
    Chris Keller: That’s great you lied to him
    Haley: What do you want?
    Chris Keller: Umm, I heard Nathan was leaving.
    Haley: How did you hear Nathan was leaving?
    Chris Keller: Your sister told Alex who told me. Haley, I just came by to tell you if you need anything while Nathan is gone. I mean anything you just let ole Chris Keller know – (Haley starts slamming door in his face) Haley I really have changed.

    Quinn: Hey Handsome
    Clay: Hey
    Quinn: Whatcha thinking?
    Clay: Just feeling sorry for myself. I was in such a dark place after Sara died and then were in the hospital, rehab. I just want things to be normal. I want to close my eyes to you, wake up to you and live our lives together.
    Quinn: There’s nothing I want more than that. And maybe a psychiatrist can get us through.
    Clay: Yea, I’m hoping this new medication does the trick. Because if it’s physical, I’m sick but if it’s in my head, I’m just crazy.
    Quinn: You’re not crazy. Well, maybe you’re a little crazy but I still love you and I always will.

    Chase: Hi
    Alex: What’s my surprise?
    Chase: What no hello first?
    Alex: Muah, Hi, Where’s my surprise?
    Chase: Ok, Come in with me – TA DAAAHHHH
    Alex: You used my money to buy my own clothes
    Chase: I wasn’t taking your money; I was taking your room key.
    Alex: Why?
    Chase: I want you to live here with me
    Alex: What?
    Chase: Chuck helped me moved all your stuff in today. Check it out, glasses are on the end table, blue sky picture is here and the things that you don’t need to look beautiful with are here too. Now I know it seems like a big step but I think it’s the right step because I Love You Alex Whitehead.
    Alex: When you think about your life, like the life you want to have some day what do you see?
    Chase: This!
    Alex: and this makes you happy?
    Chase: Yea, you?
    Alex: Yea
    Chase: It’s ok
    Alex: What?
    Chase: That you didn’t say I love you back. I gave you the key showed you all your stuff and I said I love you and you didn’t say it back and it’s ok.
    Alex: You caught me off guard
    Chase: I know
    Alex: It was a lot to process
    Chase: I know, that’s why I said its ok
    Alex: You Love Me
    Chase: Umm, who says?
    Alex: You said it. You said I love you Alex Whitehead
    Chase: If you keep teasing me I’m taking it back
    Alex: Hey, first of all mean – Second of all you can’t take it back. No takey backsies.
    Chase: Laughs – No takey backsies?
    Alex: Laughs – Yes, I don’t know much chase Adams but I do know that once those words are said you can’t take them back.
    Chase: That’s fine; I meant what I said anyway.
    Alex: Do you really think I don’t love you?
    Chase: Uhh, I think that we haven’t been together that long and I think….
    Alex: Cause I do! I love you Chase Adams
    Chase: You do, No takey backsies
    Alex: Giggles then sighs
    Chase: Say it again
    Alex: I love you, you know that?

    Brooke: I love you, you know that?
    Julian: I’ll take it but why am I getting it?
    Brooke: Because you deal with the madness of your family and you deal with the madness of my family and me and we just roll with it. And because you won’t make our kids start a fashion line just so you can spend time with them.
    Julian: No way, both of these guys are going to play for the Dodgers and maybe my dad will finally love me.
    Brooke: Can you say baseball?

    Ted: I think I’ll have the fish on second thought I just lost my appetite bring me a double martini and a shot of Botox for my guest
    Victoria: and whatever you have for erectile dysfunction, he needs that too
    Ted: Laughs – Speaking of erectile dysfunction, Hi Vicky
    Victoria: I’m going to tell you something and for the first time in your life I want you to listen to it and agree to it
    Ted: Fine, I’ll rock your world one more time
    Victoria: Whatever you do with this company for whatever reasons, I want you to remember that your daughter loves you desperately and desperately needs you to love her back
    Ted: She told me she came to you first. We might be able to cut you in; I was thinking I might need an assistant
    Victoria: Make your jokes Ted, wallow in the fact that you think that you’re taking something from me but do not do not break your daughters heart or so help me God you will not be rocking anyone’s world. You will have nothing.
    Ted: My God you’re sexy when your all fired up. Laughs
    Victoria: My God I was an idiot when I married you

    Chris Keller chantant

    Chris Keller: Hey, I thought you left
    Alex: I want to take that tour

    Nathan à Lydia: Hey, you gotta stop getting so big until I get back and absolutely no walking yet
    Haley: Jamie is downstairs with Dan
    Nathan: are you ok?
    Haley: I don’t know what to do. I use to see Keith everyday and I loved him. But Dan saved our son’s life and he protected you from Renee and he’s your father.
    Nathan: You saw Keith every day, I lived with Dan every day.
    Haley: Be Safe

    Nathan: Jamie I gotta go, be good while I’m gone alright
    Jaime: I will, I love you dad
    Nathan: I love you too son! Can I speak with you outside for a second?

    Nathan: I’m sorry for what happened to your diner and I appreciate the way you’ve been with my wife and my family but when I come back you need to be gone. So figure it out make your plans and go, you understand?
    Dan: I understand
    Nathan: Alright
    Jaime: Grandpa Dan, I was worried. I thought maybe you were leaving too
    Dan: Don’t worry Jaime, I won’t be going anywhere.


    Episode 9.03 :

    Quinn: Clay?…Clay!
    Clay: Hey you decided to join the land of the living.
    Quinn: Yeah you just…you weren’t in bed and I got scared. I thought it happened again.
    Clay: Oh…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you it’s just been a rough couple of weeks so I thought I’d surprise you with my famous “Clay’s Deluxe Breakfast in Bed”
    Quinn: I didn’t know you had a famous breakfast.
    Clay: Yeah it’s not really famous yet…extensive bragging on your end was part of the plan…Hey I even left out the crossword puzzle for you and a chewed up kind of awesome kind of gross pen.
    Quinn: You’re kind of awesome and kind of gross…way more awesome than gross.
    Clay: Get back to bed
    Quinn: I’d rather watch you in action.

    Jamie: Table one needs an iced mocha and a hot tea, table five toasted bagel and the ACLU wants to know why you’re violating child labor laws.
    Haley: Yeah very funny…since when did we start numbering tables?

    Haley: No!...First gour…our food is gourmet!…right?
    Jamie: Ohh Yeah

    Brooke: GOOOAL!!!
    Victoria: Putt putt skills don’t translate out to a real golf course
    Brooke: Ohh…whatever im totally bogeying down…Get it?
    Victoria: Yeah I get it don’t expect your father to laugh though he takes golf very seriously and you want a birdie more then you want a bogey
    Brooke: I know…I just remember when I was a kid daddy spent every weekend playing golf with all those important business people.
    Victoria: Don’t remind me. I spent 20 mind numbing years as that mans golf widow

    Haley: Chase!…sorry im having a really crappy morning…what can I get you?
    Chase: I don’t know. I haven’t eaten in days. I haven’t really slept either.
    Haley: Alex?
    (Chase nods)
    Haley: I’m really sorry I know you liked her a lot
    Chase: Yeah well I’ll be sure to thank Chris Keller next time I see him
    Haley: Trust me I know Chris Keller is not good for relationships…and chit chatting on the job is bad for business. You know um…You really should try and eat something. Try not to think about Alex and definitely put the thought of Chris Keller out of your mind.

    Chuck: Chuck Scolnik is starving!!!

    Quinn: Haley he basically lied to my face…he agreed the prescription was working but he never even picked it up!
    Haley: That just sounds like a misunderstanding. There’s got to be a good explanation
    Chris: Or maybe he’s cheating on you. What! Im just saying if I had a dime for every time I woke up on a mary-go-round or in a park I’d be rich. Do you know what I was doing every time right before I woke up in those places? Some random chick!
    Chris (à Quinn): I don’t think we’ve met…Chris Keller
    Quinn: Chris Keller…Quinn James
    Chris: Well, well Haley’s sister well its always been a fantasy
    Haley: Don’t shake his hand you don’t know where its been
    Chris: Come on we know where this hand has been…but what we don’t know is what your boyfriends been up to
    Haley: Quinn listen to me you know that Clay loves you
    Chris : You should GPS his phone…find out exactly where he’s been sneaking off to…that’s what Chris Keller would do. If you need a shoulder to cry on or whatever just some revenge sex…I’m your guy

    Haley: Oh thank god you’re here our chef just quit well he got poached actually and I really need you to grab an apron!
    Brooke: I can’t I have a golf date with my dad I just came to get a muffin and a coffee…I’m carbo-loading
    Haley: We are swamped
    Brooke: Ok I can help
    Haley: That means a lot thank you
    Brooke: Sure…I can make my own coffee…who are we kidding? I still don’t know how to use that thing…would you mind…please!…you’re so good at it!

    Chris: Well, well
    Chase: I told you not to tell Alex her music was crap
    Chris: Crappy
    Chase: So you send her on tour instead? What’s your problem man? You know what it doesn’t even matter your just a…not very nice person!
    Chuck: Contrary to popular opinion. He doesn’t speak for the both of us.
    Chris: You got a good look kid. I bet the honeys love you
    Chuck: Uhh…totally

    Ms. Lauren: Hey Julian…The field trip was scheduled for today right?
    Chuck: Hi Julia! Ha ha

    Chris: Who do I need to screw to get a burger around here?…Please let it be you.
    Haley: You ordered a burger?
    Chris: No originally I ordered a breakfast burrito
    Haley: We don’t serve those after eleven
    Chris: You did an hour ago when I ordered it but seeing as its lunch time you can get me a burger (touching Haley’s hand)
    Haley: Come with me!
    Chris: Lunchtime quickie nice!!!…Hey a few more minutes on your burgers folks….like seven minutes
    Haley: Put this on…you can cook right?
    Chris: Chris Keller can do it all baby

    Mouth: You know s it just me or are shirts being cut smaller these days
    Millie: It’s called slim fit. People like their shirts tailored
    Mouth: Well slim fit or not my dry cleaner keeps shrinking my shirts. They have one job to do and that’s clean my shirts not clean them and then shrink them. If I wanted to shrink them I’d have Millie wash them
    Millie: I don’t think you should go there
    Mouth: Im just saying of your many talents laundry is definitely not one of them…You’ve been shrinking my shirts haven’t you? You know it’s ok; you’ll feel better when you admit it go ahead
    Millie: No Marvin! Nobody been shrunk your shirts! Nobody added steps to the stairwell at home, and I AM CERTAIN that nobody made the buttons on your cell phone smaller!…Marvin your FAT!…FAT! FAT! FAT!

    Mouth: That was totally uncalled for! Especially coming from the Zero is Not a Size model!
    Millie: Well it’s not a shape either! Unless you’re a doughnut
    Mouth: Where is this coming from?
    Millie: From your waistline mostly! And a little from your ass!

    Chuck: My dad says they only make moves in Los Angeles and New York anyways
    Julian: Well its guys like your dad who are killing my business
    Julian: Ok…fine…fine truth is kids I spend most of my time calling people who hang up on me talking to assistants who won’t even put me through to their bosses, just trying to find someone anyone to fill up this stage so I don’t have to find a second job or sell one of my kids on the black market!
    Ms. Lauren: Ok who wants to go see the box factory next door! They sell boxes!
    Chuck: I wanted to see the dragon eat the princess

    Chris: Complements the chef!…seriously this is delicious!
    Haley: Thank you…If you’re out here then who’s…Dan?
    Dan: You look like you need a little help. Unless you’d rather I go
    Haley: I need a tuna melt on rye

    Julian: Hey you didn’t want to go to the box factory?
    Jamie: Nah we were there last week. You know dad and Clay had a hard time with their agency at first
    Julian: Yeah I’m starting to think this is just one big bad idea
    Jamie: Come on your like the farmer guy in the middle of nowhere who decided to build a baseball field in his back yard everyone told him he was crazy but you know what he built it anyway all because he heard a voice that said “If you build it he will come”…and you know what? He came! In fact lots of people came.
    Julian: That’s a pretty good story Jamie. Guess I just need to have a little faith huh?
    Jamie: Well the thing is that’s actually a movie…you should probably know that if you wanna make it in show business

    Victoria: Well that was quick
    Brooke: Im seriously not in the mood Victoria
    Victoria: Let me guess he got some bimbo to impress some horny investors
    Brooke: Thanks mom. Where are the boys?
    Victoria: They’re sleeping. I took Jude’s temperature twice and he doesn’t have a fever but he has a runny nose
    Brooke: You know I just wanted to spend the day with him and somehow even that was too much to ask.
    Victoria: Is this where I give you my sad face?
    Brooke: Oh please we both know you botoxed away all remnants of human emotion
    Victoria: Don’t you take this out on me. I tried to show you who your father really is and if he’d been around more this would not be a surprise.
    Brooke: Point taken. I don’t know I guess I just hoped…
    Victoria: What? That he could change?
    Brooke: You did.
    Victoria: Honey that is who the man is…ok…despite all of his promises he has never changed and he will never change. I guess we should give him credit for being consistent. I have to go.
    Brooke: You’re leaving?
    Victoria: Back to New York
    Brooke: But…but why?
    Victoria: Well I can only take this town in small doses and as much as I’m going to miss the twins you have your father and your new business venture…and there’s nothing left for me to do.

    Julian: Don’t hang up! Don’t hang up! This is Julian Baker
    David Taylor: Hi Julian David Taylor. Im calling because it’s my understanding that you may have some stage space available
    Julian: Yes that’s true…I mean not might… I do its available
    David Taylor: We just received a late pick up for our television series and are interested in shooting in Tree Hill
    Julian: Well we can definitely accommodate a TV show here… I mean in fact it’s actually the perfect spot for a TV production
    David Taylor: Well good I hope so…how soon can we see the space
    Julian: Uh let me see if I can move some things around (looks at empty calendar) uh yeah I can try and clear my schedule for the end of the day if that works for you
    David Taylor: Perfect…we’ll arrange for a stop over this afternoon
    Julian: That sounds good…great…this afternoon…see you then  YES! YES!

    Chase: Chris Keller you sing so bad its funny! Chris Keller you write jingles for money!
    Chris: Hey like I told you girlfriend…oh sorry ex-girlfriend…that song pays my rent…that’s a lot more than a bartender makes
    Chase: Bar MANAGER!!!
    Chris: Look man I know you’re pissed at me but you don’t even know me. Im not a bad guy maybe if you stopped blaming me for getting dumped you’d see that
    Chase: How about I pretend to take your word for it and not get to know you
    Chris: Well…your loss. Chris Keller knows some real nice girls that just might cure what ails ya’
    MC: You know her from Seven Dreams from Tuesday…Please welcome to the stage…Alex Do Me!
    Chris: Alex Do Me!…That awesome! ….Alex Do Me!

    Jamie: Hi mom!
    Haley: Hi honey!
    Jamie: Grandpa Dan!!! What are you doing here?
    Dan: Just helping your mom out…you wanna join?
    Client: Excuse me is that Dan Scott
    Haley: Yeah
    Client: How could you allow that man to work for you to be around your children?
    Haley: Excuse me?
    Customer: He’s a murderer!
    Haley: I really don’t think that’s any of your business
    Autre Client: Oh yes it is! Especially if he’s cooking our food
    Dan: Haley it ok…I’ll leave…I’ll see you back at the house
    Haley: No…you should stay. If anyone here has a problem with this man cooking your food you’re welcome to go someplace else.
    Client: Well we will
    Haley: Alright then your food is on the house today…Now get out!

    Chris: I asked her to move in I was so romantic and then just out of the blue she just leaves me…for her music
    Stripsteaseuse: Aww baby…Im so sorry that’s terrible!
    MC: Next up on the main stage the Pony Express!
    Stripsteaseuse: Well sweet cheeks that’s my cue this ones on the house
    Chris: Thank you Pony!
    Chase: You used my pain for a free lap dance
    Chris: Come on man it’s a good story. You’re not using it.
    Chase: Im glad you’re enjoying yourself Im outta here
    Chris: No no no ok ok look look…I won’t use your sad sack story to pick up strippers ok…Look you haven’t asked my opinion and all BS aside; she would have left you sooner or later
    Chase: You don’t know that…you don’t even know Alex
    Chris: Actually I do and trust me it’s in her DNA, Alex is an artist, some of us need constant validation and appreciation
    Chase: I gave her validation and appreciation all the time… 24/7
    Chris: See! And she still left that’s my point! No one person or town can fill the void. That girl is NEVER gonna settle down…trust me
    Chase: Like I said you don’t know her
    Chris: I knew she’d take that tour

    Dan: Haley I just wanna say thanks
    Haley: Yeah well she was wrong you know you shouldn’t have had to deal with that
    Dan: I did the crime
    Haley: Doesn’t mean you have to get hammered for it all the time

    Brooke: Hi…what are you doing here?
    Ted: Good news should never be shared over the phone…Baker Man officially has funding…actually full financial backing
    Brooke: But they haven’t seen a single design
    Ted: Doesn’t matter they want to work with the designer
    Brooke: That’s great
    Ted: Well you don’t seem very happy about it
    Brooke: No dad I’m thrilled that they want to invest in the line….thank you
    Ted: But you’re upset with me
    Brooke: Well…I never get to see you and I showed up today thinking that you and I were going to spend a day on the golf course…Just the two of us
    Ted: That would have been nice
    Brooke: But do you mean that?
    Ted: Of course I do…I would love to spend time with you and my two handsome grandsons and we will I promise. I’ll be back in town more often now thanks to Baker Man. But honey you came to me with a business proposal
    Brooke: I know that
    Ted: And with opportunities like this you need to strike while the iron is hot…that’s what we did today, because of that we’ll have our day on the golf course…just the two of us. For now I have a flight to catch back to LA and you have a clothing line to design. You handled yourself like a total pro today. Im so proud of you.

    Julian: Excuse me I’m looking for a nice scotch. I want something aged like twelve, fifteen years.
    Vendeur: Any particular brand?
    Julian: Red label, blue label, black label…I don’t know…what happed to six pack versus keg?

    Clay: Hey…what’s wrong?
    Quinn: I saw you.
    Clay: Saw what? What’s the matter?
    Quinn: I saw you buying drugs Clay, you’ve been lying to me this entire time
    Clay: Lying to you? Quinn what are you talking about, I didn’t buy any drugs.
    Quinn: Don’t lie to my anymore! I was there!
    Clay: Maybe you saw something but it wasn’t me.
    Quinn: There are pictures. I took pictures with my camera
    Clay: This is crazy…your acting crazy you realize that right?…What’s wrong with you
    Quinn: What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you Clay? No wonder you didn’t need to pick up your prescription, because you’re not sick! You had other pills to pick up!
    Clay: It’s not like it’s a problem.
    Quinn: You fooled me! , you fooled me into feeling sorry for you and I stayed awake worried sick about you! How could you!
    Clay: Quinn wait! Quinn!

    Mouth: This guy says he’s faced this kind of discrimination his whole life and watching me endure it literally hurt his heart.
    Millie: Yeah… I’m sure it has nothing to do with the carton of Twinkies he eats everyday…Fine I was unprofessional and rude and for that I apologize
    Mouth: Now was that so hard? Thank you
    Millie: Marvin I am not finished. What you need to understand is that it came from a place of love, I am genuinely concerned for your health, and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but I am not going to sit here and watch you eat yourself to death.

    Chase: I went to the ATM to get money for a taxi and I found this…It’s her room key…she lived in a hotel…I should have known better.
    Chris: Who lives in hotels? People whose stay is temporary. You never had a chance my friend… (To bartender) two more! …it had nothing to do with you though
    Chase: Just so you know I still don’t like you
    Chris: I’ll drink to that.

    Clay (à Quinn): When I was recovering from the shooting I was taking those pills for the pain and the prescription ran out…I am so sorry…I was just so embarrassed about it…and im sorry

    Haley: Thanks again Dan I really don’t think I could have made it through today without you
    Dan: I’m sure you would have found a way…Besides I enjoyed it…If you want me to come in tomorrow it’s really no trouble
    Haley: No I don’t think that’s such a good idea…Dan it’s not because of that lady or any of the other customers it’s just…This is Karen’s Café.

    Julian: Hey baby
    Brooke: Hey is everything ok
    Julian: Yeah why?
    Brooke: Well the daycare called and said you never dropped Davis off.



    Episode 9.05 :

    Haley: Hi, Nathan. I’m, um, I’m really sorry to leave you like 20 messages, babe, but I’m…I’m starting to get worried, and, um, hopefully you took a later flight, and your in the air right now, but please just call me as soon as you get this, okay? Okay, I love you, bye.
    Dan: Good morning, Haley.
    Haley: Oh, good morning.
    Dan: Everything okay?
    Haley: Actually, would you mind watching the kids today?
    Dan: I have to be away from the house for awhile today. I’m sorry.
    Haley: Okay.
    Dan: You’re sure everything’s okay?
    Haley: Things are fine.

    Brooke: Babe, Something’s up with Haley. I got to run to the cafe to cover for her. I think she’s just trying to avoid that Tree Hill Cafe bitch. Can you believe they had the nerve to put up a murderer banner? I mean, who does that? Julian, are you okay?
    Julian: The police station called. They’re not gonna press charges against me.
    Brooke: That’s great, but of course there’re not. Hey. We need to move past this, too. Davis is fine. So, can you drop the kids at the sitter for me on your way to work today? Do you need me to tell you that I think your an incredible dad and I love you? I do. Both. We’re gonna be fine. I trust you, okay? You just….you need to learn to trust yourself.


    Chris: (rires) Like printing my own money.

    Chuck: Hi.
    Chris: What up, Kid Keller? Ha
    Chase: Chuck just ask him.
    Chris: That’s okay. I got it. You’re using pomade instead of gel. You got to mix the two.
    Chuck: Will you come meet my dad tonight?
    Chris: Sure. You know what? Tell him to bring his Chris Keller CD collection ’cause for Kid Keller I’ll even sign autographs.
    Chuck: This is gonna be the best night ever. My two favorite people in the same place. Awesome
    Chase: Don’t you have three favorite people?
    Chuck: Oh. Right. My mom’s gonna be there, too.
    Tara walks in
    Tara: There’s my baby.
    Chris: Hey-hey
    Chase: Ok. Here we go. Let’s go. Gotta go!
    Chris: That’s weird. No wonder chicks don’t dig that guy.

    Clay: So, let me get this straight. We’re just gonna talk and talk, until we uncover some horrible past?
    Therapist: It doesn’t have to be horrible.
    Clay: Can’t you just give me pills or shock therapy or something?
    Therapist: You know, most people would prefer talking over getting shocked. But, I might be able to get my hands on a taser gun.

    Therapist: Okay, What was the last thing you do remember?
    Clay: I remember you telling me that this was gonna help.
    Therapist: I’ll get the taser.

    Millie: Can I get a vanilla latte?
    Brooke: Sure!
    Millie: This is kinda weird…you getting me a latte.
    Brooke pours coffee
    Brooke: Coffee is the new latte.
    Millie: Do you know how to use that machine?
    Brooke: Millie, I am part owner of this cafe. If I wanted to…do the…thingy…and make the milk all fluffy-like, I would.
    Millie: Coffee sounds perfect.
    Brooke: Thanks.
    Millie: Do you have any pistachio muffins?
    Tara: We do. (rires) Right next door. Yummy
    Brooke: You have to go. You are not welcome here.
    Tara: Okay. I put up a banner. You put up a banner. I don’t know what got into me. And as you know, Brooke Davis, opening and maintaining a new business can be very stressful.
    Brooke: What is that?
    Tara puts down plant
    Tara: It’s a face-to-face friend request. I hope you accept.
    Brooke grins
    Tara: Great!
    Brooke: Seriously? I wish there was a face-to-face block feature.

    Chase: I think we need to talk.
    Chuck: I know. First Alex leaves town. Now Tara leaves you for Chris Keller.
    Chase: Well, the thing is, Tara didn’t leave me.
    Chuck: Chase, you need to face the fact that your girlfriend is with Chris Keller now. Can’t really blame her. Chris Keller is Chris Keller.
    Chase: You’re right.
    Chuck: Unless….are you dating Chris Keller’s girlfriend?
    Chase: I’m not sure I’d call it dating.
    Chuck: But, you must not have known it was Chris Keller’s girlfriend, right?
    Chase: Well, not at first.
    Chuck: Chuck Skolnick has never been more disappointed in you.

    Haley: Yeah, come on in.
    Chris: Hey! Huh?
    Haley: I really don’t have time for this right now. Ugh!
    Chris: Whoa! Chris Keller is insulted by your lack of enthusiasm.
    Haley: Listen to me. Nathan never came home last night. I’ve been on the phone all morning. The airport won’t give me any information. Nobody will help me…
    Chris: Okay, I’ll help you. I know some people at the airport. I slept with a stewardess once.
    Haley: Goodbye, Chris.
    Chris: Okay, “flight attendant.” Haley! Come on. Let me help. Where are you going?
    Haley: I’m going to the police.
    Chris: Okay. Good. I slept with a cop once, too. Let’s go!

    Julian: You can just say it if you want.
    Dr: I’m not following.
    Julian: You think I’m a horrible dad.
    Dr: I have seen horrible dads, and you are not one of them. But your a lucky dad. You should be counting your blessings.
    Julian: Is he okay?
    Dr: Julian, he’s fine. Nothing’s changed. Davis is still completely healthy. But I am a little concerned about you.
    Julian: Are you sure he’s okay? Because I read online that symptoms can take a few days to surface.
    Dr: If you want my professional opinion….you should get this filled immediately. (hands over script) That’s one day of rest and relaxation for you.

    Quinn: Jamie, come play “Marco Polo” with us. Lydia keeps cheating. She won’t keep her eyes closed.
    Jamie: Maybe later.
    Quinn: Fine. What’s on your mind, little man?
    Jamie: Clay. You know, Aunt Quinn, it’s not his fault when he wanders.
    Quinn: I know.
    Jamie: Here. You should keep my silver dollar on you till he gets better.
    Quinn: Thanks. Is it for good luck?
    Jamie: More your luck than his. It’s silver. Just trust me on this one.
    Quinn: Jamie, Clay is not a werewolf.
    Jamie: But there’s suppose to be a full moon tonight.
    Quinn: Jamie!
    Jamie: But you don’t have to be afraid. Not all werewolves are bad.

    Brooke: Hey, is there anyway I could get you guys to do a story on getting rid of Tree Hill Cafe bitches?

    Millie: I’ll see what I can do. I can’t believe she hung up that banner. Who does that?
    Brooke: That’s what I said! She’s such a little….
    Millie: Cockroach!


    Chase: Hey.
    Tara: Hey.
    Chase: I need to talk to you.
    Tara: Well, great I’ll come by later. I like talk after sex.
    Chase: That’s…just it. There’s not gonna be any more of that. I’m setting a bad example for Chuck, and he really looks up to me…so.
    Tara: I think it’s sexy when you’re trying to be noble.
    Brooke: First of all, EWww. Second, you copy my cafe and now Chase? Obsessed with my sloppy seconds much? You can have your cockroach-infested plant back.
    Tara: What? This is the thanks I get for giving you a gift? It was perfectly fine when I dropped it off. Oh My God ! The roaches must have come from Karen’s Cafe.
    Brooke: Okay!
    Chase: Okay, there must be a reasonable explanation for this. Maybe this is all just a misunderstanding.
    Brooke to Chase: You are dead to me.
    Brooke to Tara: And you….I know your type. I use to be a bit of a bitch just for the sake of being one. But now I am a bitch for the sake of my friends and family. You do not want to test that.
    Millie: Look up “Bitch” and you’ll see Brooke.
    Brooke: Just try me.
    Chase: See you, Brooke
    Brooke à Chase: Dead!

    Therapist: If you don’t try, you’ll continue to be at war with yourself. The fugues will get worse, last longer, put you in danger.
    Clay: Okay, I get that. Now try and understand this. There was a time in my life when I thought I was never getting out of that chasm. Just that depression that had become my life after I lost Sara. But I did. I climbed out of it. One day at a time. I worked. I built a company. I fell in love again.
    Therapist: You must miss her.
    Clay: There is nothing there doc. The only thing that is different between the place I was in and the fugues states is that I remember everything, about that time, and I’m not going back to that.
    Therapist: Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and I’m sorry about that Clay, but you are not out of that darkness yet. You’re just running from it.


    Haley: Excuse me. Um. Hi. I just need to talk to someone about my husband. He’s, um, Nathan Scott and he’s missing.
    Cop: How ling has he been missing?
    Haley: Well, he was suppose to come home last night at 9:00.
    Cop: We can’t file a report until 24 hours have passed.
    Chris: Whoa, whoa, that’s it?
    Cop: 24 hours
    Chris: Did you see “Training Day”? You know that Denzel was the bad guy in that movie.
    Haley: Chris, don’t your gonna make it worse.
    Cop: I don’t like your tone.
    Chris: I don’t like lazy cops.
    Haley: I’m sorry.
    Cop: Look, Peacock, we have rules for a reason. Men leave wives everyday, especially professional athletes.
    Chris: Oh, ok, so
    Haley: You don’t even know me.
    Chris: Hey, no, now we’re making generalizations. So, now your the jackass in high school who now gets to harass people and carry a gun.
    Chris to Haley: Give us a moment.
    Haley: Okay
    Chris au cop: All right, look, buddy. I know this woman. She wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a problem. Nathan Scott’s a good guy. A great father, responsible husband. Come on, man. Even if he wasn’t, would you leave her? Something’s wrong here, I promise. Now, she just needs someone to make her feel better, make her feel like everything is going to be okay.
    Cop: Mrs. Scott? I’ll do what I can do, okay? But, I can do a lot more for you after 24 hours.

    Jamie: Cannibal
    Quinn: Did you say “cannibal”?
    Jamie: Yeah.
    Quinn: It’s “cannonball” not “cannibal”
    Jamie: Fine. Cannonball!

    Dan: So how’s that boyfriend of yours?
    Quinn: You know, you didn’t need to try to drown Clay.
    Dan: It worked last time. Where is he?
    Quinn: He’s getting help.
    Dan: Sounds like it worked again. So how are you doing?
    Quinn: Well, I don’t need my head drowned in the pool, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ll be fine, when I know Clay’s fine.
    Dan: So you still believe in him?
    Quinn: Yeah.
    Dan: Then you’ll both be okay.


    Clerk: Miss. Look, I’m sure everything is just fine. You know, I bet he just missed his flight.
    Haley: You know, if one more person tells me that, I’m gonna lose my mind. Can you imagine how you’d feel if your husband was missing and no one would help you find him?

    Julian: Someone put this on my car.
    Brooke: Julian.
    Julian: Why did it take a stranger to tell me the truth that I deserve to be punished.



    Episode 9.07 :

    Nathan – “You think I’m afraid? I’m NOT afraid of you, You threaten me all you want, talk in your stupid riddles all day, take my world you can take my life, but you won’t get my fear, I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not going to be.”
    Dimitri – “You think your woman’s afraid? He built his empire up to a whore.”
    Nathan – “You touch my wife, and I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.”

    Jamie – “Dad’s not coming home is he?”
    Haley – “Don’t say that.”
    Jamie – “It’s true.”
    Haley – “No, it’s NOT true.”

    Officer Stevens – “Mrs. Scott, Do you remember me? I’m Officer Stevens, I know detectives are handling things, but I’ve been going over the evidence, following a few leads of my own quietly.”
    Haley – “What does that mean?”
    Officer Stevens - “It means that I’m not a detective, and this isn’t my case, and I shouldn’t even be here.”
    Haley – “So Why are you here?”
    Officer Stevens – “I became a cop Mrs. Scott to help you, ever since this case became official I’ve been carrying around that I sent you away that day, I’m Sorry I need to fix that.”
    Haley – “How can I help you quietly?’
    Officer Stevens – “Ok, Umm is there anything you haven’t told us or shown us?”
    Haley – “Yeah, Yeah, just a second.”
    Haley – “Nathan brought this back for our daughter, and I found it at the airport.”
    Officer Stevens – “Ok, your pretty smart to bag it.”
    Haley – “I didn’t bag it because, … I just wanted to keep it the way it was. I’d like to have it back when your done please?”

    Dan – “Where are you son?”

    Brooke – “He’s up for parole, Xavier!”
    Julian – ” What? How can that be? He murdered Quinton?”
    Brooke – “They never convicted him of Quinton’s murder, they convicted him for kidnapping and aggravated assault, and now he’s up for parole.”
    Julian – “That is a physcotic maniac, whether they convicted him or not he needs to be locked up.”
    Brooke – “He wants to meet with me before his hearing.”
    Julian – “No way.”
    Brooke – “I think I should.”
    Julian – “Why?”
    Brooke – “I want to look into his eyes and see if he is the same person he used to be.”


    Dr. – “Tell me about your normal routine?”
    Clay – “Well I’m awesome in bed, and she begs me for sex a lot, Uh, Uh, I don’t know we hang out, we get drunk, we watch Haley and Nathan’s kids, not while were drunk, she also buys me a lot of clothes online and calls me Sergio, geez no wonder I’m in here right?


    Haley – “You see him yet?”
    Quinn – “No, you?”
    Haley – “No”. PAUSE “YEAH”
    Jamie – “UNCLE LUCAS”
    Lucas – “Uh, Hey bud!” …PAUSE …“Give me a second”
    Haley – “You don’t write, you don’t call.”
    Lucas – “HI”

    Haley – “HI”
    Lucas- “Hey, Buddy come here let me get a look at you, Uh Ah, Well… You look exactly the same.”
    Jamie – “I DO NOT”
    Lucas – “I was thinking by now you would have a mustache…”
    Jamie- “See Lydia?”
    Lucas- “She has your eyes”
    Haley – “I think she looks like Jamie” … “You, remember my sister Quinn right?”
    Lucas – “Of course! It’s good to see”
    Quinn – “You too, how’s Sawyer and Payton?”
    Lucas – “They’re good, they should be, they team up on me and get their way!” … AHH, I missed you so much Bud!”
    Jamie – “Me too”
    Lucas – “Come on, let’s go get some food!”
    Haley – “OK, you going to take her?”
    Jamie – “YEAH”

    Fille 1 – “HEY!”
    Chase – “Uh, WAIT!”
    Chris Keller – “Hey Chase”
    Chase – “AHHH”
    Fille 1 – “Baby, I got to go”
    Chris Keller – “NO, one more pony ride?”
    Fille 1 – “NO, you can’t afford it! You weren’t that good at it anyway…Bye Boy’s”
    Chris Keller – “Bye, Pony” … “Did she just leave in her underwear?”
    Chase – “She’s a stripper, I think they do that!”
    Chris Keller – “AWSOME DAMN NIGHT!”
    Chase – “NOT SO LOUD!”
    Chris Keller – “Geez, what’s with you anyway?”
    Chase – “I just called to active duty!”
    Chris Keller – “WHAT, you got drafted can they do that?”
    Chase – “I’m in the air force Chris!”
    Chris Keller – “REALLY? WHY?”
    Fille 2 – “Did pony just leave me?”
    Chris Keller – “AWESOME DAMN NIGHT!”
    Chase – “AHHH’


    Dmitri – “Knock it off”
    Drug Dealer – “What this!”
    Dmitri – “Are you Chuck from Gossip Girl? NO means NO!”


    Haley – “What if he’s dead and he’s not coming back?”
    Lucas- “He’s coming back!”
    Haley – “I…Luke, I need to say the words out loud and let them shock me because I have to face the reality of the situation…NATHAN IS MISSING!” … “There’s a good chance that he’s not coming back”
    Lucas – “Chances are better that he is.” … “Look I know you have done the research, same as me, 95% of all missing persons are located!”
    Haley – “And the ones that aren’t most of the abductees are dead within three hours!”
    Lucas – “You don’t know that he has been abducted”
    Lucas – “Haley! This is Nathan! He will come home! Now say that out loud!”
    Haley – “He’s coming home!”

    Jamie – “I can’t find my dad!”
    Quinn – “What Buddy?”
    Jamie – “The video he sent me, I put it on my iPod but I didn’t bring it!”
    Quinn – “Ok! Well you know it’s at home right?”
    Jamie – “But, I want to take it with me, it’s the video he sent me from Europe!”
    Quinn – “WAIT, you have your lap top?”
    Jamie – “Yeah, but its not on there, it’s on the computer in my room!”
    Quinn – “Ok, well you can have someone send you the file? Or I mean when I get home I can!”
    Jamie – “We can call Julian, They have a key and he’ll know how!”
    Quinn – “PERFECT! AND Jamie, were going to get your dad back, Video and for real! Call Julian!”
    Jamie – “Julian! It’s Jamie!”

    Haley – “He needs his dad, we all do!”
    Lucas – “What, are the police saying?”
    Haley – “HUH! I don’t know they don’t seem as concerned as they should be or as active as they should be, it’s not good enough! It’s a nightmare!”
    Lucas – “Maybe, I should just come back to Tree Hill!”
    Haley – “NO!”
    Lucas – “There’s gotta be something more that I should do!”
    Haley – “NO, your doing it! I need you to take the kids out of the house, before I completely lose it and Jamie realizes how bad things really are! They’ll be happier with you guys!”
    Lucas – “Ok, And as soon as Nathan comes home, you’ll be a family again and he will, I PROMISE!”
    Haley – “I wish you could keep that promise more than any other promise you’ve ever made, but I think it’s really bad this time Luke, REALLY, REALLY BAD!”


    Dmitri – “There he is my cash cow, you should be morning for it, COW, MOO! Our terms have been received and my people are willing to renegotiate the terms, so are you afraid now Nathan Scott? Because you should be!”


    Julian – “What’s this?”
    Dan – “Lunch, you want some?”
    Julian – “NO! Maybe, the burger’s smell pretty good!”
    Dan – “You know the secret to a good burger is? AHH, Never mind!”
    Julian – “Here, this is a video I thought you might like! There’s a lap top in trailer, I’ll see you later I got to prison with Brooke!”
    Dan – “Their going to love you there!”
    Julian – “Yeah, Thanks!”


    Dimitri – “I saw you play once, you lost! You fall behind one quarter you no come back, sometimes there’s no come back!”
    Nathan – “Can I have a drink? Water?”
    Dimitri – “You forgot to say please!”
    Nathan – “PLEASE”
    Dimitri – “Nothing short of becoming a man is when you have modesty, stillness and humility, but when the blast of the war blows in our years, he imitates the action of a tiger. LAUGHTER! I like you Nathan Scott, to bad I have to kill you!


    Nathan – “How’s that for a comeback HUH?”

    Haley – “I love you too Sawyer, I miss you, Ok put your mommy on the phone. AH, she hung up on me. Typical.”
    Lucas – “Of course she did, she can talk on the phone for hours, you know it’s the listening part she’s not faithful.”

    Lucas- “That’s, us!”
    Haley – “Yeah!”
    Lucas – “We should probably go!
    Quinn – “I’m going to give you guys some space ok and wait over there.”
    Haley – “Thanks, Quinn!”
    Quinn – “Mm, I’m going to miss you and Lydia so much, see you soon ok.” … “ Alright Luke, Thank you, take care.”
    Haley – “Your big adventure, you’re going to stay with Uncle Lucas and Aunt Payton, They’re going to take such great care of you baby. As soon as your daddy gets back your going to come straight home ok because he misses you and so will I! I Love You Sweet Girl!”
    HALEY TO JAMIE – “Alright, well you always wanted to stay with uncle Lucas.”
    Jamie – “I’m fine mom!”
    Haley – “Come here, he’s coming home!”
    Jamie – “I know!”
    Haley – “Do you also know that I love you with everything inside of my heart because, I DO!”
    Jamie – “I know that too, I’m fine mom!
    Haley – “AH, I’m NOT! Come Here, OK!”
    Haley To Lucas – “Thank for everything!”
    Lucas – “No, Thank You for letting me, Thank you for calling me and letting me help you for once! Just thank you for being you Hal’s, I can’t Thank You enough for that!”
    Haley – “I’ll miss you Lucas!”
    Lucas – “I Love You!”
    Haley – “Yeah, that too! OK, I’m going to walk away because if I don’t, I won’t!” OK, MUAH, OH, BYE, BYE, BYE, Call me when you land ok! Be good and take care of your sister!”
    Lucas – “We will!”
    Jamie – “Hey, Mom it’s going to be ok!”

    Dimitri – “Welcome Back my friend”

    Officer Stevens – “Do I have to do everything myself”
    Nathan – “How can you do this? You’re a cop?
    Officer Stevens – “I’m a desk cop, At least to them I ‘am, their wrong, they don’t want to make me a detective it’s fine! This definitely pays better! By the way your wife says hello!”
    Dimitri – “Good news we reach a new finical agreement, so they send more money and then you DIE!!!!”



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