• Questions - Réponses avec Bethany Joy Galeotti (9 Mars 2009)

    Joy a répondu aux questions du site Think Pink GA (elles sont en anglais mais je les traduirais progressivement)

    1. How did you get your start? Give us some background information.

    I started out modeling when I was a kid, then transitioned into theatre and accidentally fell into tv... I'm still waiting to do Broadway and West End!

    (Traduction :
    Comment avez-vous commencé ? Donnez nous quelques informations.
    J'ai commencé comme mannequin étant enfant, puis je suis passée au théâtre et je suis allée accidentellement à la Télé...J'attends toujours de faire Broadway et West End !)

    2. I hear you are recording an album with your friend, Amber Sweeney. I
    have heard some of the songs...fantastic work! Can you tell us a little
    bit about some of the songs? Any touring plans?

    Amber and I have been friends for upwards of 8 years. We decided it would be fun to "pool" our talents and write together, creating Everly. Our first EP was more folk-driven, while our newer stuff (which we plan to record this summer) is more Frou Frou / Peter Gabriel type. Home Is Me. You Are Mine was written as a lullaby for our troops. We have so much respect for them and wanted to write something that would bring comfort to them and to their families. Stars is about life in the public eye and how, at the end of the day, everyone has to go home and take their makeup off and look in the mirror and deal with who they really are. It's about knowing that you're loved by God regardless of whether or not you are loved by the public. Little Children is about marriage and struggle and perseverance. Everyone struggles in relationship, but we wanted to end the song on a childlike, uplifting note so as to encourage and say "you are not alone, and you can choose to be hopeful and fight through!"

    (Traduction :
    J'ai entendu dire que tu enregistrais un album avec ton amie, Amber Sweeney. J'ai écouté quelques unes de ces chansons...c'est un travail fantastique ! Peux-tu nous en dire un peu sur ces chansons ? Des plans de tournée ?
    Amber et moi sommes amies depuis plus de 8 ans. Nous avons décidé que ça serait amusant de lier nos talents et écrire ensemble, créer Everly. Notre premier "EP" était plus populaire alors que celui qu'on planifie d'enregistrer cet été est plus Frou-Frou du genre Peter Gabriel. Home Is Me. You Are Mine a été écrit comme une berceuse pour nos troupes. On a tant de respect pour eux qu'on a voulu écrire quelque chose qui pourrait leur apporter du réconfort, à eux mais aussi à leurs familles. Stars parle de la vie aux yeux du public et comment, à la fin de la journée, tout le monde doit rentrer chez lui et enlever le maquillage et se regarder dans le miroir et savoir qui on est vraiment. C'est de savoir que vous êtes aimé de Dieu indépendamment  du fait que vous soyez ou non aimé par le public. Little Children traite du mariage, de la lutte et de la persévérence. Tout le monde lutte dans une relation, mais nous avons voulu terminer la chanson comme un enfant aimerait, en disant pour encourager les gens "vous n'êtes pas seul, et vous pouvez choisir d'avoir de l'espoir au travers de la lutte !")

    3. Any other current projects you are working on?
    Yes, but I can't talk about them quite yet!

    (Traduction :
    D'autres projets en cours sur lequel tu travailles ?
    Oui, mais je ne peux pas vous en parler pour le moment)

    4. You are in the sixth season of One Tree Hill. Will there be a
    seventh? If so, do you plan on signing for another season?
    I have signed for season 7

    (Traduction :
    Tu en es à la Sixième Saison de One Tree Hill. Seras-tu là pour une Septième ? Sinon, penses-tu signer pour une autre saison ?
    J'ai signé pôur la Saison 7)

    5. Any favorite past times on the set of OTH that you can share with us?
    What is the hardest moment you've had on the show?

    Everyone pretty much just does their own thing lots of blackberry's, books and computers out. We just sit around, eat, and wait for our turn! LOL It's not glamourous!

    (Traduction :
    Aurais-tu des moments que tu as aimé sur le tournage de Oth que tu pourrais partager avec nous ? Quel a été le plus dur moment que tu as eu sur la Série ?

    6. Who would you say you are closest to out of the other OTH cast
    members? Have you enjoyed working with everyone?

    We've all built unique relationships with one another. I love everyone that I work with.

    (Traduction :
    Avec qui dirais tu que tu es le plus proche sur le plateau de Oth ? As-tu aimé travaillé avec tout le monde ?
    Nous avons construit des relations uniques. J'aime tout le monde)

    7. Why should people watch OTH?

    Because it's got more heart than most shows on television. Our writing staff goes out of their way every week to bring a message of encouragement to the hearts of the audience and I think that's what people in America want right now. That's why Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar. I mean, it was a great movie, but people WANT hope right now.

    (Traduction :
    Pourquoi les gens devraient regarder Oth ?
    Parce qu'il y a plus de coeur que dans la plupart des séries télé. Notre équipe de scénaristes trouve chaque semaine le moyen d'apporter un message d'encouragement aux fans et je crois que c'est ce que les gens en Amérique veulent désormais. C'est pourquoi Slumdog Millionaire a gagné un oscar. Je veux dire, c'est un film génial, mais les gens veulent de l'espoir maintenant.)

    8. What do you enjoy in your spare time?
    read, write, make music, watch tv They just cancelled the best show on tv, LIFE ON MARS. I'm furious! I love THE CLOSER, though, and THE UNIT. Everyone write ABC and tell them you want Life on Mars back on TV!!!

    (Traduction :
    Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire de ton temps libre ?

    Lire, Ecrire, Faire de la Musique, Regarder la Télé. Ils viennent juste d'annuler la meilleure série de la Télé, LIFE ON MARS. Je suis furieuse ! J'adore THE CLOSER et THE UNIT. Ecrivez à ABC et dites leur que vous voulez le retour de LIFE ON MARS à la Télé !!!)

    9. Can you tell us a little bit about your husband, Michael Galeotti,
    and his band, Enation?
    My husband is the most incredible man in the world. And he's super hot which is nice. LOL Michael is so kind and thoughtful, but carries a real authority on him. He is a total warrior at heart and he makes me laugh more than anyone I've ever met. Michael is really humble and really invested in the people in his life. I've learned more from him than I could ever recount and I wouldn't be who I am today without his influence in my life.

    Enation is a powerhouse of musical talent by some of the most rock-steady men I have ever known. They are 100% committed to their friendship, which always come before the music. I think that shows through in their product. They encourage each other like brothers, drive each other crazy like brothers, and pour their heart into their creativity like brothers. They are all incredible, humble and strong husbands and their wives are women I admire deeply. They love touching people with their music and I think they're going to take over the world.

    10. Who has been an inspiration to you in your personal and/or
    professional life?

    I've been inspired by many people professionally! Lots of little things, here and there. Paul Anthony Stewart taught me how to act and was incredibly gracious with me during a time in my life when I was a bit lost, petulant and idealogical. I had the privilege of befriending Bryce Dallas Howard while living in New York and though I only met her family once it has made a big impact on my life. I looked around this family of people who were at the top of the Hollywood game, but were so incredibly humble and kind and real. I think of that often-- they had everything, but needed nothing. It was really cool. Keri Russell I worked with once and she was so warm, non-competitive and jubilant! I ran into her on the street a few months later and she remembered me and I was just blown away. I loved her grace. Amy Grant taught me one of my biggest lessons without knowing it, I'm sure. I was 7 and went to one of her concerts. I had a backstage pass and when I met her I handed her this little button from a play I was in. she pinned it on her lapel and wore it all night long. I remember being so excited as a little kid that my idol did that. I try to do that when someone brings me something at an event or signing, especially kids. I want them to know how special they are, the way Amy let me know that.

    There are more, but that's all I remember right now.

    Personal inspirations are the true Heroes in my life. Michael is certainly one of them and I've got about 25 people who are, I think, modern-day knights and warrioresses. Their faith and vulnerability and fierce loyalty has sustained me and made way for massive freedom in my life. They are my tribe.

    11. Can you tell us about some cool places you may have traveled to?
    Went to Greece my senior year of high school. It was so rich with history and alive with culture and the food was out of this world. Beautiful beautiful place.

    Also went to France. Beautiful country, Paris was a fun city, Dijon was soothing and lovely. Can't wait to go back to both!

    12. If you could have any other job, what would it be?

    Probably work for an advertising agency. Or the CIA.

    13. Can you share with us something you like about yourself?
    I guess I like my ability to dream big. I've never been able to be knocked down in my dreaming, though many attempts have been made. I'm just condemned to a life of hopefulness!! I think choice plays a big part in that. I know it comes off as naive, but I just choose to see the best in everyone. I'd rather be called naive and see the beauty in things, than to be called intelligent and just be cynical about life.

    14. Any tips for aspiring actors or musicians?
    I've said this before, and it's not a tip as much as a caution-- Don't do it unless you don't need the recognition. If you're only desire is to be affirmed by the public, you will be absolutely miserable. Sure, there'll be moments of bliss, but at the end of the day you will feel lost and alone. Know who you are before stepping out into the limelight. Make sure you know you are loved with or without them.

    15. If you could share one piece of advice or one life lesson you have
    learned, what would it be?

    See above, plus: be on time, don't expect anything, be kind to everyone (and nice is different than kind), assume everyone else works harder than you, and clean up after yourself! And don't gossip!

    16. Favorite Actors:

    Cate Blanchett, Will Smith, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel, Kyra Sedgwick. I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of.

    17. Favorite Music:

    I like almost everything

    18. Favorite movie or TV show:

    Life on Mars, damnit! The Unit, Frasier, I Love Lucy, Extreme Home Makeover, The Closer.

    19. Religion:
    I love Jesus, but I'm not a big fan of religion and doctrine. I think God is just about relationship and way more likely to be found there than in church. It's unconventional, I suppose, but I've done the religion game and I'm not into it anymore. People don't want to be saved, they want to be loved... as the Beatles would say "Love is all you need!" LOL

    20. Politial Views:
    They vary, but I tend to want to encourage people to fight for their own dreams, instead of being placated and kept "comfortable" by the government. I'm a small-government gal.

    21. Birthdate:

    April second

    22. What do you think about raising money and awareness for the Breast
    Cancer Research Foundation? What are some ways for young people to be
    I think this is hugely important and the best way to get involved in anything is LOCALLY!

    23. Are there any other worthy causes you are passionate about?
    Human Trafficking is huge and needs to have more attention brought to it. I care a lot about our environment and while I'm no saint, I try to do what I can to help. Every little bit counts I suppose.

    24. What are your plans for your career in the future? Where do you see
    yourself ten years from now?
    Ah, who the hell knows...

    Source : http://thinkpinkga.blogspot.com/2009/03/exclusive-q-with-bethany-joy-galeotti.html

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