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    Episode 8.01 :


    Haley: Dear Lucas, I know I could call you or email you or Skype you or whatever but it feels right about putting pen to paper for us. It seems these days I have so many thoughts in my head that if I don’t get them out I might explode. Anyway I wanted you to know that Tree Hill misses you. The River Court misses you. And I miss you.

    Haley: I feel like me.  And I feel like yours.

    Julian: That ring looks sexy on you.
    Brooke: You look sexy on me.

    Jamie: I’m totally going to have a brother like you and Lucas.
    Nathan: Or sister.
    Jamie: Or that.

    Julian: Oh no.  This happens all the time. I sleep with a girl and I wake up in the morning and it was so amazing she’s planning a wedding.

    Nathan: So that baby thing.  How does it work?  I just wanted to know how
    You said the basketball hoop was like my uterus?
    He was like a ninja.  A three foot tall where do babies come from ninja.

    Haley: Oh, oh, ew, ew, Sorry, you guys. Speaking of that, I’m pregnant, don’t hate me.
    Brooke: Congratulations, selfish baby-haver.

    Alex: So what do you say bar manager?  Wanna boss me around?

    Julian: Or maybe you can meet me in the bedroom and I can romance your ovaries until they surrender.

    Julian: You need to get Alexander’s dingo out of your wallaby and fix it.

    Nathan: Make war, not love, babe.

    Chuck: I didn’t do it!
    Jamie: I didn’t LIKE it!

    Haley: I love you.  I’m in love with you.  It’s nice after all this time.
    Nathan: It’s everything after all this time.

    Brooke: Everything is gone.
    Julian: I’m not.




    Episode 8.02 :

    Haley: Hi Luke, Nathan left for camp today and the house is pretty quiet.. Should be more time for me to write. I’ve been feeling better lately but I still think about my mom a lot. I still feel her sometimes, hear her voice, see her smile, truth is that I miss her and I miss Peyton and Keith and Karen and Nathan while he’s gone but it helps to have Quinn closer. Truth is when it gets really quiet and the silence gets really loud and I really start to miss everyone I tell myself I can’t see you but I know your there.

    Brooke: ….Okay could you explain this to me as if I’m say twelve….right, how about like I’m eight.

    Clay: just try and remember you went to the bedroom..
    Quinn: I went to the bedroom and I turned the light on and Katie was there
    Clay: Did you see the same thing that I saw
    Quinn: She had a gun. I didn’t come back.

    Chase: Is everything okay?
    Mia: Everything is not okay… On second thought you better drive.. I’ve been drinking.

    Julian: So what are Mia and Chase doing here?
    Jamie: Trying to kidnap me

    Julian: Beginner’s luck… okay that’s not fair the machine is totally pitching slower now…show off

    Brooke: Quinn made it through surgery and she can make it all the way back, alright? She’s a James’ girl.

    Mouth: Man you gave away my job and you lied about kissing me I wish I never have made out with you in Utah
    Chase: Sorry man, she tied a cherry stem with her tongue
    Mouth: (ties a knot with a cherry stem)..Just saying

    Quinn: We’re still alive aren’t we clay? We’ll go back we’ll be us again
    Clay: yeah of course
    Quinn: I don’t want to be stuck here. If I have to be stuck here even if it is forever, at least I’m with you

    Haley to Quinn: I went to the beach house today to tell you that im pregnant and that I want you to be the god mother it means so much to me that you’ve been with me through this past year

    Clay to Quinn: Promise me you’ll take the time to feel lucky and happy be fortunate and don’t waste days with what should have been’s and what could have been’s

    Brooke: …so, I got arrested today.

    Victoria: I gamble on your talent, Brooke. I gamble on your instinct and your ability to make miracles happen and im usually right. Gambling is what you pay me to do. The other stuff like the I’m proud of you stuff I do that for free. That’s always been the easy part

    Haley: I’m trying not to be angry… I’m trying to be sympathetic to the sickness or disease that would cause someone to do such a thing but I think I’m losing that battle
    Nathan: I’m way ahead of you.

    Quinn: Come with me please can’t you just come back with me
    Clay: Hey listen to me I can’t explain it but this is what we have to do you just have to trust me

    Quinn: Then promise me I’ll do whatever you say just promise you’ll come back to me and you’ll live a long healthy amazing life with me
    Clay: I’m going to live a long amazing healthy life with you I promise now open your eyes.

    Clay: To kingdom come




    Episode 8.03 :

    Mouth / Millie au lit
    Mouth: Sleep Well?
    Millie: Yep you?
    Mouth: Pretty Good.
    Mouth: Last Night we must have.
    Millie: Yes, we must have.

    Clay (Fantôme)/Homme(Will) à l'hôpital
    Clay: I can smack you right?
    Will: Yep

    Will: Respirator is always tough break.
    Will: I am on one too if it helps.
    Clay: It doesn’t.

    Jamie/Julian/Brooke devant la nurserie à l'hôpital
    Jamie: Where do babies come from?
    Julian: Stork Bro.
    Jamie: Weak

    Jamie: Aunt Brooke Do you know where Babies come from?
    Brooke: Not From Me.

    Quinn/Haley dans la chambre de Quinn
    Quinn: Never told you Congratulations on the baby.
    Haley: Well, you were kind of busy with the trying to live thing.

    Nathan/Docteur dans la chambre de Clay
    Nathan: Take my kidney
    Docteur: That’s a noble gesture but you need to know something.
    Nathan: What?
    Docteur: Your basketball career is over if I take your kidney.

    Brooke/Julian/Jamie au terrain de baseball
    Julian: Let’s see if you can hit my fastball.
    Julian: Ok guess your good at that.
    Julian: Here comes the curve ball.
    Brooke: Dude!!!! You are so going pro!!!!
    Jamie: Nah, I want to play basketball like my dad.

    Haley/Nathan à l'hôpital
    Nathan: If I do this for Clay I can save his life.
    Haley: I love you. I love the person you are and your strength.

    Jamie/Nathan dans la chambre de Jamie
    Jamie: Hey dad! Clay was the reason you were going to the Bobcat’s this year. So if he needs help we should help him.
    Nathan: Your a great man Jamie Scott!!!
    Jamie: Your a good man too dad!!!

    Quinn/Clay dans la chambre de Clay
    Quinn: It is going to be harder to get in Nathan’s basketball games next year. Because my left boob will set off the metal detectors. Apparently, I still have some of the bullet in me. So you can cross that off your fantasy girl list.

    Clay/Will sur le toit de l'hôpital
    Clay: Been thinking maybe I lead her on.
    Will: Nah Crazy is Crazy!

    Victoria/Millie à Clothes over Bros
    Victoria: If we did involve Brooke last time she would be going to prison and not me. Would you want that?
    Millie: No

    Docteur/Nathan à l'hôpital
    Docteur: I am sorry Nathan your not a match.

    Nathan/Haley dans la chapelle de l'hôpital
    : I am not strong enough for this.
    Haley: Yes, you are and when you are not you have me.

    Jamie/Brooke/Julian chez Brooke.
    : Aunt Brooke… Julian you guys will make great parents some day.

    Brooke chez elle
    Brooke: Please don’t be the police.

    Brooke/Victoria à Clothes over bro’s
    : Is it true? Are you really going to prison?
    Victoria” It is White Collar more of a country club really.

    Clay/Will dans la salle d'attente de l'hôpital
    Will: It was good hanging with you. It is not your fault.

    Quinn/Clay dans la chambre de Clay
    Quinn: I love you Clay til kingdom come

    Quinn/Clay dans la chambre de Clay
    Clay: You look pretty!!!
    Quinn: Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!!! God I missed you!!!!
    Clay: Is this heaven?
    Quinn: No but it is my version of it.



    Episode 8.04 :

    Haley: Dear Lucas, everytime i write that it sounds strange. how did our lives drift so far apart? and how without even trying did we make our lives so complicated? I guess what I mean to say is, it all seemed so much easier when we faced the future together.

    Victoria : She’s better than that Calliopy, and everyone in here needs their own bitch.

    Alex: I’ve never been in love. I mean I’ve had tons of boyfriends and some of them I’ve genuinely liked, but I’ve never been in love. I’ve never had that one special person. I think I know what love is, what it should be ya know? At least I know enough to know I’ve never felt it before.

    Brooke: It’s beautiful. But is this okay? I mean with everything going on this wouldn’t be selfish?
    JulianNo, and you know why? Because years from now when we look back on this moment we’re not going to remember the trouble with your company or the bad press, or even your mom being in jail. We’re just going to remember how great our wedding was.
    BrookeYou think so?
    Julian: I know so

    Nathan: It’s just a game Clay, some things are more important

    Chase: I was a Clean Teen
    Alex: a what?
    Chase: a Clean Teen, virgin for life.

    Julian: What made you decide that?
    Nathan: Haley’s pregnant. Clay and Quinn are recovering, and I didn’t even know my son liked baseball.

    Julian: At the end of the day, all you really own in the world is your integrity. Once you give that up, you don’t ever get it back.

    Haley: yeah, the future is scary, you know the world can be threatening. but you should know sometimes when things seem the most desperate, people find you. help is out there, and you are not alone.




    Episode 8.05 :

    Julian: what comes next?
    Brooke: “I don’t know, for me I get to go visit my mother in prison and tell her that I sold my company. Good times.

    Quinn: “some couples go bowling; we will change each other’s gunshot wounds.”

    Nathan to Jamie: “So how are you doing without your computer or cell phone Mr. technologically grounded?”

    Mia: “Don’t look at the bar, I said don’t look at the bar, jeez! I need you to be honest with me, do you think they are sleeping together yet.”
    Brooke: “I think they had sex before he knew her name.”

    Brooke: “Those people are screwed, kind of like Chase there.”

    Alex to Chase: “You were amazing last night, but don’t tell the boss about that.”

    Clay: “The wheeled us in here, and we’re walking out.”

    Haley to Brooke: “Don’t focus on your work, focus on your life, your young, your beautiful, and in love. You have a wedding to plan, an amazing man who loves you. Focus on that, focus on Julian. Everything else will work its way out.”

    Brooke: “Bros over clothes.”

    Brooke: “Obviously there are things I regret, things I would like to take back, things I would change if I could, but we all have to live with the residue of our choices, and the consequence of our actions.”

    Nathan: “Some people never get to touch their dreams, know what it feels like. Never find that thing they love, or get to do it for a living. Was it a tragedy that had it taken away from you, no, the tragedy would be to lie awake at night wondering ‘what if’

    Brooke & Nathan: “For those of you who believed in me once, I hope you can believe in me again, for now I say goodbye to this chapter in my life. And I look forward to what comes next




    Episode 8.06 :

    (While fighting off zombies:)
    Brooke : Nice shot.
    Quinn : Watch out!
    Brooke : Don’t look at the dress!
    Julian : I’m sorry! I didn’t see it!

    Haley : If you’re there who’s that creepy serial killer on the couch?

    Julian : How you feeling today beautiful ? 
    Brooke :
    Not very beautiful. 
    Julian : Oh, okay well I’m gonna go grab a mirror. Your reflection should take care of that.

    Millie : Where’s the pumpkin?
    Mouth : Which pumpkin are you referring to?
    Millie : The mini pumpkin I gave you just a few hours ago.
    Mouth : Oh, that one… where’d I put that?
    Millie : You tried to carve it, didn’t you?

    Brooke : What the hell are you wearing? This is supposed to be your costume. 
    Julian : You want me to go as Flavor Flav? 
    Brooke : Why are you dressed like a dog Julian? 
    Julian : You’ll find out in about 3 seconds…

    Man : Wow this is great I’m a huge Bobcats fan, huge.
    Nathan : I think they’re gonna have a good year.
    Man : I bet you’d give anything to be playing tonight.
    Nathan : Actually, not really. Happy Halloween.

    Chase : Call it the Chase-o-Lantern. Enjoy the buzz.
    Julian's Mom : Oh God. That’s bad.

    Nathan : Dude, that is an awesome dog costume. High five!
    Julian : Right on!

    Nathan : You know how there are a handful of moments in your life that you just know that what’s happening, you’re gonna remember it for the rest of your life. I had one of those moments tonight when I looked at Jamie.

    Haley : Come on, turn it up. Let’s finish the game.
    Nathan : We already know how it ends. 
    Haley : The game. But not the rest of it.




    Episode 8.07 :

    Brooke: “Who was your best friend growing up?”
    Sylvia: “I was! Isn’t that right JuJu-Bee?”
    Julian: “10-4 Big Momma!”

    Brooke: “Over and out, Momma’s Boy.”

    Haley: (looking through potential artists) “Oh… KnucklePuss. Add that to the Pre-Hate pile.”

    Mia: “You know as well as I do that artists love to hear how great they are.”
    Haley: “That’s true… I think you’re great!”
    Mia: “You’re so awesome!”

    Clay: “Quinn’s out of town, man. What’d you expect?”
    Nathan: “Literally anything else.”

    Clay: “It’s still a little hard to move my right arm. So, that and the fact that Quinn’s out of town is really killing my sex life.”
    Nathan: “Well, that’s why I learned how to dribble with both hands.”

    Mouth: (screams)
    Skills: “Aw, quiet, Mouth! Lucas had a rough night.”

    Julian: “I was just gonna hang with the guys today.”
    Alex: (laughs) “Yeah, right. In your dreams, buddy.”

    Alex: “What do you want from me? I didn’t come to town to be filmed for your perv collection.”

    Sylvia: “Quinn who?”
    Brooke: “Quinn James.”
    Sylvia: “I’ve never heard of it.”

    Skills: “I was kinda hoping Millie would be here right now, because Lucas wanted a three way.”

    Alex: “Excuse me, bar manager. When you’re done helping that little boy, can I get a drink?”

    Sylvia: “My son and beautiful daughter-in-law will not be married in a tent like circus folk. You can’t control Mother Nature.”
    Brooke: “Or Mother Baker.”

    Sylvia: “I guess you could always hang salami.”
    Brooke: “That’s what he said. Wait, what?”

    Mia: “You should never listen to a musician for help in a crisis. We’re usually the ones in a crisis.”
    Haley: “I’m a musician, too.”
    Mia: “Probably part of the problem.”

    Sylvia: “Sexy? Bridesmaid? Those two don’t go together. The whole point is for them to look ugly so that you look pretty!”

    Brooke: “Ugly bridesmaid dresses make me sad. They get one night out where they just get made fun of, and then it’s off to the back of the closet where they emerge as a bad joke on Halloween.”

    Alex: “Guys aren’t that hard to figure out, Julian. They like sex and poker. I’d go with sex, but I’d suggest you go with poker.”

    Nathan: “I haven’t felt that stupid since high school, and at least then I could beat somebody up to feel better.”

    Nathan: “I guess we’re both a couple of screw-ups then.”
    Haley: “Always and forever.”

    Brooke:”Get your prego ass to the wedding expo, pronto!”
    Haley: “Hi, Brooke. Love you too.”

    Haley: “Well, I have another crisis to deal with and if it’s anything like this morning, Brooke’s gonna cancel the wedding before tonight.”
    Nathan: “Sweet. I’m gonna go gamble all our money away in a poker game.”
    Haley: “Rad. Screw-Up superpowers activate!”

    Julian: “Hey! Clay! It’s J, uh, J-man.”
    Clay: “J. What’s up little man? I heard you found a frog.”

    Alex: “Okay, take it easy, Sensitive Julian.”

    Brooke: “Hey! What a random and total coincidence! My best friend Haley is here… unexpectedly!”

    Chase: “So, you’re following up your successful Indie with a documentary about Mouth??”

    Sylvia: “Regardless, you are going to have a pick a caterer at some point, unless your friend Quint can cook, too.”
    Alex: (gesturing towards Junk) “You act like I’d sleep with anyone.”
    Junk: “Hey!”
    Alex: “No offense, Fergie.”
    Junk: “I’m Junk!”

    Nathan: “If I wanted to look stupid, I would have stayed home and played Trivial Pursuit against Haley.”

    Julian: “I always hated escalators. When I was a little kid I thought the teeth at the bottom were gonna eat my feet.”

    Brooke: “Unless you want your baby to be born with a dent in its head the size of my fist, you had better start agreeing with me!”
    Haley: “Hear that baby? That’s Auntie Brooke’s way of saying she can’t wait to meet you.”

    Sylvia: “What kind of wedding doesn’t have a champagne fountain?”
    Brooke: “Mine.”
    Haley: “Mine either. I wish it did though. I do. Brooke, come on! This is so cool. It’s like a fountain of happiness!”

    Brooke: “I wanna show Haley something.”
    Haley: “What do you wanna show me?”
    Brooke: “The exit.”
    Haley: “Why?!”
    Brooke: “I love you, but your hormones are not helping me right now.”

    Clay: “What is it you’re so skilled at?”
    Skills: “Everything.”

    Mouth: “When we were kids, I used to do commentary for games at the river court. Then one day, Nathan came up to me, said I had a big mouth, and punched me in it. After that, it kinda stuck.”

    Alex: (about Clean Teens) “I think it’s sweet. We didn’t have anything like that at my high school.”
    Chase: “Of course not. You went there.”

    Brooke: “Excuse me. Have you seen a middle aged woman with short hair running around like she’s the bride?”
    Woman: “You just described every mom here.”

    Alex: “I’m a great actress.”
    Julian: “Yes, you are. But you’re an even better person.”

    Alex: “I forgot that guys hate to lose money more than they like sex and poker.”
    Sylvia: “Thank you for loving my Julian.”
    Brooke: “He makes it easy.”

    Erin: “Nice studio. I was kind of expecting a bedroom.”

    Julian: “Guys are mean. I missed being in the Brooke bubble.”
    Brooke: “Well, yeah. ‘Cause it’s the best place ever.”

    Brooke: “Why is there salami hanging from the lamp?”
    Julian: “I saw a bee!”

    Nathan: “I guess neither of us are screw-ups after all.”
    Haley: “I guess not… You picked up Jamie from Chuck’s house, right?”
    Nathan: “I thought you did.”
    Both: “Screw-ups!”




    Episode 8.08 :

    Jamie: This sucks. (talking about his braces)
    Nathan: This sucks. (talking about going to talk with Troy Jameson)

    Sylvia: Good luck with your Hoot ‘n Nanny Wedding. (Fighting with Brooke about the wedding)
    Brooke: Good luck with being old. By the way, I like my towels. (as Sylvia goes out the door)

    Julian: People like the Chicken Dance, Mom. (talking with Sylvia as she consults with him)

    Brooke: I should apologize to her but first can you call her and tell her to come to the store?
    Julian: You want to hit her? (they were standing on top of Clothes Over Bros with water balloons)
    Brooke: You really want to hit me with that water balloon, don’t you?
    Julian: Really bad
    Brooke: Yike

    Julian: What’s your life like, now?
    Nathan: Best of both worlds

    Mouth: Sorry for the guy who has to clean up this place; which is me. (storage room at Tric)

    Haley: Life is so good.
    Jamie: Life is not good.
    Jamie: Damn it!
    Haley: Hey!

    Clay: Yes! Suck it soup! (Clay trys to open a can of soup)

    Julian: Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.

    Erin: How is Haley as a person?
    Mia: Amazing. She is one of the good ones.

    Clay: Everyday I am alive is because of you. So all I want to do is thank you. (talking to Will Bennett’s grave)

    Nathan: What was your dream, Troy?
    Tro:) I wanted to be a Power Ranger and a ballplayer.

    Sylvia: Some Jack Ass hit me with a water balloon.
    Brooke: What is wrong with people? (said with a smile while hugging Sylvia)

    Erin: Truth is always worth hearing.
    Haley: Yes it is.

    Nathan: What is this?
    Clay: An electric can opener.

    Mouth: Man waiting for the bus, parents coming home tried from work and still has time for their kids. That’s who I respect.

    Jamie: Some people look a little different. Some people are a little different. I think that’s cool.

    Haley: Some people needs a little help, you know.

    Nathan: How does it feel to be an Atlanta Falcon?
    Troy: Like a dream come true.
    Nathan: It is.

    Annonceur: Standing at 6 foot 4, weighing in at 215 pounds, Quarter back number 13, Troy Jameson




    Episode 8.09 :

    “I am thankful I have more wine” – Haley

    “I am thankful that I am hot” – Alex

    “Maybe we could scrap it off”- Julian

    “Oh! Look at that saved by the bell” – Millie

    Damn it! It’s Turkey Day and we are eating Turkey! – Skills

    “I am very thankful. Though I do wonder if they serve her turkey in prison.” – Brooke

    “Still can’t dribble with the left” – Nathan

    “I still don’t know how I managed to set the turkey on fire.” – Brooke

    “Man there is fine ladies in the Scott House…”
    “Dude I am talking about Sylvia…”
    “Delicious.” – Skills

    “…Like that carving knife. If Victoria was her I would be thankful” – Brooke

    Nathan: I need to finish my degree if I have a chance
    Haley: Now is your chance
    Nathan: You know school wasn’t easy for me…
    Haley: But you found a way, you always do.

    “Cooking for a small army and her kitchen looks like a butterball commercial” – Brooke

    “You want dramatic, there is a carving knife here that I am not afraid of” – Brooke

    “Actually I rather trade for Alex” – Jamie au football, choississant Alex plutôt que Julian

    “Your sexy when you play football” – Brooke

    “Look Brooke something else you gave away” – Victoria

    “I leave and all hell breaks loose” – Quinn
    “You’re the best worst sister” – Haley

    “She totally looks like a turkey” – Alex on Mia

    “I am grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family” – Haley

    “I am thankful for my baby brother (Haley – Or sister)…and Chester and I hope Erin finds her parents” – Jamie

    “I wish my mom was here” – Haley

    “Focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have” – Haley

    “I am thankful my wife needs help” – Nathan

    “If I wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have Julian…enough happy” – Brooke

    “Hey mommy I got a wishbone…that means both our wishes comes true” – Jamie

    “You have More determination…I really believe in you….I wished that you would believe in yourself as much as I believe in you” – Haley

    “Thankful I got to see you chug wine out of a bottle” – Haley

    “Take any leftovers you’d like” – Haley
    puis Mia:
    “She has already done that”




    Episode 8.10 :

    Brooke — Ok Brooke Davis, this is it, the day you’ve always dreamed about. Don’t cry, you still have pictures and don’t trip, you’ll ruin your dress.

    Quinn – Excuse me
    Dan – What can I help you with?
    Quinn – Murder

    Quinn – When I’m not angry I’m afraid, at least I used to be.

    Nathan – Sometimes the hardest things are the most rewarding.

    Julian – Everyone in France rides one, its quite fashionable

    Brooke – I hate you!
    Julian – I love you! Bon Voyage!

    Brooke – Finding a man you adores me as much as you do and getting to keep him forever.

    Bar attendee – I’ll take a beer from Haley James Scott if she is serving.

    Dan – I ended 2 lives the day I pulled that trigger and one of them was mine.

    Mia – Rock stars don’t wait in line.

    Brooke – If its affirmation your fishing for, Mr. Baker, then fish nor more

    Brooke – They say the only thing that is worse than being poor is being rich and then poor.




    Episode 8.11 :

    Haley – Hey, if I wasn’t pregnant, we could have sex in the back seat.

    Haley – Can I help you?
    Nathan – Yeah, you can help me by getting back in the car, you pregnant goof.

    Nathan – This is so A Christmas Story. Get back in the car, Ralphie.

    Jamie – I knew how to spell entrepreneur. I said “ue” instead of “eu”. But I knew it was “eu”.
    Brooke – Did you get nervous?

    Jamie – No, I missed it on purpose.
    Brooke - Why?
    Jamie - Because I wanted Madison to win the spelling bee.

    Brooke – So whatt’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get out of here?
    Jamie – Tell my mom and dad I love them.

    Brooke – I’m sorry about earlier.
    Julian – No, it’s okay. It’s my fault. I’m going to check that sexy leg of yours.

    Julian – Hey, Best Man, you wanna help me find that crow bar?
    Jamie – I wish!

    Katie - It’s empty, you stupid bit…

    Quinn – I know, it’s okay, you’ll pass out soon. But unlike me, you won’t lay there for 12 hours. Only a psycho would let you do that.

    Quinn – I’m your storm.




    Episode 8.12 :

    Haley: Just read the book and forget about professor what’s-his-face.
    Nathan: Kellerman
    Haley: Who?
    Nathan: Kellerman
    Haley: Who?
    Nathan: Okay I’ll read the book.

    Haley: To Brooke and her last night of freedom. It’s her turn now.

    Brooke: Everyone shut up about their stupid mouths! I lost my engament ring.

    Haley: What was in those drinks?!
    Alex: I don’t know. Energy?

    Haley: It’s like an X-rated version of Where’s Waldo.

    Quinn: I found it!
    Brooke: My ring?!
    Quinn: Millie’s hoe tag.
    Alex: Hoe tag? It’s called a tramp stamp.
    Quinn: Then where’s yours?
    Haley: I have one!

    Millie: Why would I get boots?
    Haley: Because that tattoo kicks ass!

    Haley: Oh my god what the hell were you doing with Dave Navarro?!
    Sylvia: What the hell am I wearing?!
    Brooke: What the hell did we do last night?!

    Sylvia: Great news! They found it!
    Brooke: My ring?
    Sylvia: No, my phone! It’s at the fire house lets go!
    Haley: Of course.

    Millie: I can’t believe we stole a dog.
    Alex: We don’t know that!
    Quinn: He skateboards! Guys we are in possession of a stolen skateboarding dog!

    Quinn: Oh my god. We have to go now.
    Alex: Why?
    Millie: Why?
    Quinn: Because we stole Nathan’s professor’s dog!

    Sylvia: All people don in small towns is have sex and watch TV.
    Brooke: You say that like its a bad thing.

    Brooke: Marriage is about loving someone for who they are and accepting them for their mistakes. I have to tell him.

    Julian: You’re only getting married once. I want it to be perfect.
    Brooke: It is.




    Episode 8.14 :

    Julian: No more kickass for my wife before bed

    Alex: why talk to the greasy rag when you can talk to the mechanic

    Mouth: I need a script and a plunger

    Brooke: No, You haven’t even heard my idea
    Haley: Fine what is it?
    Brooke: We should be super heroes
    Haley: NO!
    Brooke: Yes, but I’m feisty and you are pregnant no one is gonna hit a pregnant lady it’s like a shield

    Chase: You want to know why I became a big brother
    Chuck: because you need friends

    Alex: Well I think you are an amazing musician
    Mia: Dammit she knows how I like compliments

    Haley: they use to call me whaley haley
    Brooke: Not anymore Baby Mama

    Clay: the world needs all the heroes it can get
    Nathan: You have to be kidding me
    Clay: Is that liquid smoke

    Haley: so did you tell Jamie
    Nathan: did I tell him his mom and friends are running around town pretending to be super heroes.




    Episode 8.16 :

    Jamie: Why are you wearing that?
    Haley: Because I’m so excited. I’ve got a new sport to watch, I’ve got new lingo to learn, new plays to call, and new cheers to cheer! Um, we want a catcher, not a belly scratcher! (blows whistle)
    Jamie: There’s no whistles in baseball mama.

    Quinn: Oh I can’t I have to, ah, rotate my tires. No that’s not a euphemism.

    Brooke: I was a great student. Honor roll, that sort of thing. And now we’re homebodies. A cup of green tea and a movie is us in a nut shell. Organic food.
    Julian: Love the organic food.

    Brooke: Our parents are wonderful. Solid. Even-keeled. Wouldn’t you agree honey?

    Brooke: We’re getting a baby! We’re getting a baby!
    Julian: Brooke Penelope Davis- Baker. You break that box spring and you’re sleeping on the floor.

    Quinn: She’s driving me crazy. I need another excuse, think!
    Brooke: Say…
    Quinn: You’re smothering me!

    Haley: A daughter that I really want to name after mom. I remember once that you wanted to name your first daughter Lydia so I wanted to check if that was okay with you.
    Quinn: You know what I want? I want a niece named Lydia. And she’s gonna be beautiful, just like her mom. Just like our mom.

    Julian: Eating ice cream is the best part about little league … except for catching butterflies.

    Ian Kellerman: My dad cares about three things: books, his dog and his boat.
    Nathan: Well you have to admit the dog is pretty school… he rides skateboards.

    Quinn: Because we’re throwing you a surprise shower today, ow brain freeze.
    Haley: You guys are throwing me a baby shower?
    Quinn: Yeah. Please act surprised.
    Haley: Oh my gosh, what do you guys mean surprise? It’s not like it’s my birthday or anything.

    Haley: Uhh, I miss beer.
    Alex: Get somebody to drink it for you. The buzz isn’t as good but the hangover is better. Yeah Brooke, chug a beer for me.
    Brooke: No way.
    Haley: Come on, it will be like designated driver but a designated drinker. Please!!
    Lauren: Listen to the pregnant lady.
    Brooke: I so should not have saved you.

    Haley: Well, you must be starving. Feel free to have some food and uh, just don’t eat my ho-ho cake.

    Brooke: I’m not umemployed.
    Millie: Okay, tomato tomato. You lost your company. So anyway…

    Victoria: I thought we were good after the wedding. Apparently somebody goes to prison and you don’t cut her a break. Yeah, prison. Get used to it everyone. It’s not that big of a deal. It happens.
    Millie: Victoria, have a martini and calm down. Nobody here is ashamed about jail time. I mean, I went to jail and I am not ashamed to say it.
    Alex: I say, who hasn’t been to jail? I remember my visit very fondly.
    Brooke: Okay, can we all stop saying jail?
    Haley: Yeah, let’s just be rational and stop over-exaggerating. Jail is so not that big of a deal.

    Haley: I wanted to make a toast to my amazing friend Brooke for throwing me this party. And for… saving my son’s life. Because if she hadn’t risked hers to save Jamie, I wouldn’t be standing here with all of you, happy. Brooke, there’s a reason why we picked you as Jamie’s godmother. And I’m thankful every day that you are.

    Brooke: But even at the height of my success, I always felt like there was still something missing. Love, a family. And then I met Julian and he is an amazing director, but he is even more amazing man. And I know he is going to be the most amazing father.

    Brooke: I’ve known for a long time now, I want to be a mom. I want to see Julian be a dad. And I want our child to feel loved and protected, even when they’re struggling. Like I did, like we all have.

    Chloe: It seems like you guys have a lot of baggage. But the thing is I want two people who are going to love this baby, who can care for this baby. And who will understand if they make a mistake. So I think it’s okay that you guys have too. And that’s the reason why I want you guys to be the parents.



    Episode 8.18 :

    Brooke: Hi, we’re having a baby.
    Nurse: Honey, you do understand it takes about nine months?

    Haley: Oh, I can’t believe you’re gonna have a little sister. She’s gonna need you to watch out for her and protect her. Do you know, by the time she’s your age, you’re gonna be in high school.
    Jamie: And when you and dad were in high school, you had me.
    Haley: That’s right… You’re not allowed to do that.

    Brooke: I just don’t want to steal Haley’s thunder today. Especially for Jamie. If we have news first then we can tell them.
    Julian: That’s very sweet of you, baby. But are we really getting snacks because I was kind of excited about that part too.

    Haley: I’m a little panicked, can you tell me a story?
    Nathan: Uh, story. Got it. What kind of story?
    Haley: A story, any story.
    Nathan: Alright. Um. Uh, I got nothing.
    Haley: In the history of the world, any story that’s ever been told.
    Nathan: Okay, I’m sorry. All I can think of is the Three Little Pigs… I don’t know why the Three Little Pigs, I have no idea.

    Nathan: Okay, how about this, did I ever tell you the story about the high school clown-
    Haley: Don’t say clown!
    Nathan: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Jerk. The high school jerk who fell for the beautiful, sarcastic girl who hated clowns.

    Nathan: And they fell in love. And they have a son. And soon…
    Haley: They’ll have a daughter.
    Nathan: And they all live happily ever after. I promise.

    Jamie: I think it’s cool how people celebrate the day you’re born. Like for the rest of your life they have cake and presents and they celebrate that you’re here. There’s something really nice about that. Even when your Aunt Quinn stuffs your face in a cake.

    Nathan: (Flashback) When I saw you, I promised myself that if I could just get up, I’d walk straight over to you and I’d tell you how much I need you, how much I want you. Nothing else matters.

    Nathan: You know, when your mom got hurt before you were born, I sat here and prayed that she’d be okay. And you too.
    Jamie: Did you cry?
    Nathan: Yeah, I cried.

    Eric: Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of us.

    Brooke: We need a name! Our baby’s gonna be born without a name.
    Julian: Oops! My dad once told me about this baseball player named U.L. Washington and the “U.L.” stood for unlisted.
    Brooke: We are not naming our baby “Unlisted”.

    Quinn: Hey Brooke, name the people that Haley has slapped, Jamie wants to know.
    Brooke: Well, let’s see, there’s Rachel, Renee and Nanny Carrie.

    Haley: 353,015. That’s how many babies were born today. And this one is mine. Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of us.




    Episode 8.20 :

    Julian: Where are we brooke davis?
    Brooke: At the hospital
    Julian: Why are we at the hospital
    Brooke: Were getting a baby

    Ian Kellerman: Where are we going again?
    Clay: Right here * On the bridge of the accident with Brooke and Jamie *

    Brooke: I have come to offer you a trade, reminence from Karens cafe for Lydia? Straight up.
    Haley: Oh, I dont know.. Sounds tempting
    Brooke: Ill throw in the car, my sunglasses, car has new tires
    Haley: What do you say?Say no deal, I like it here. Sorry
    You can have the sign anyway, I know Karens meant a lot to you
    Thank you so much I always wanted that
    Im getting so sad today
    Thinking about rivercourt and now the sign, I feel likeits the end of something really good its sad
    On the upside I was talking to Lydia and she told me she wants to visit aunt Brooke every weekend in NY, Shopping and seeing plays
    Im going to miss you brooke davis

    Jamie: *Walking up to bat *
    Nathan: Alright buddy here we go!
    Umpire: Strike One! Strike Two! Strike Three!
    Chuck: You bat like my mom
    Jamie: How about we ask her? oh wait she isnt even here!

    Chase: I need you to play guitar now, quickly
    Alex: * Laughs and snorts *

    Quinn: Baby, guess where I’m going? Puertoooo Ricoooo, do you want to come?
    Clay: I can’t I have work
    Quinn: I guess I will do the Supermodel Bikini shoot alone
    Clay: Puerto Rico souds great… I mean nothing compares to my baby
    Quinn: * glares at him *
    Clay: Careful I’m sweaty
    Quinn: Yeah, you will be

    * Quinn stands in a bikini *
    Clay: Holy Cow!
    Quinn: Don’t say cow!
    Clay: I want to go to Puerto Rico, its the only place I want to be
    Quinn: Thats sweet, maybe I can waer this in the hot tub after Jamies game

    Clay: Didnt you work out today?
    Quinn: Im working on two a day
    Clay: Your worried about those swim suit models?
    Quinn: You know those TSA machines that show you naked? I have to look good for those.

    Nathan: Where is Quinn?
    Clay: She had a few errands to run and a spray tan she will be here soon.
    * Flash back *
    Chase: Hello?
    Lady: This is the clinic, we need you to come take a retest?
    Chase: Okay? Why
    Lady: There was a mix up with your sample
    Chase: Are you sure?
    Lady: Yes, Unless your pregnant.

    Clay: Babe.. Maybe it will get on me, I could use the tan.
    Quinn: *laughs*
    Clay: Can I interest you in a hot shower ?
    Quinn and Clay: * laughs hysterically *

    Nathan: I couldnt do it, I pulled up to Dans and I couldnt go in
    Haley: Its okay.

    Brooke: Were pregnant




    Episode 8.21 :

    Mouth: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to an historic night of basketball. I’m Mouth McFadden and I’m along with my gamey partner Jimmy Edwards and, Jimmy, we’re in for a treat tonight.

    Jamie: Its a bird, the Snipey Plover. It’s endangered.
    Nathan: How do you know these things?
    Jamie: I go to school, dad.
    Nathan: That’s good. Stay in school, don’t do drugs.

    Nathan: You can hang out with us instead. Except not in that shirt, who are you? Brian Boitano?
    Clay: Brian Boitano won the gold in men’s figure skating.
    Nathan: That’s my point, exactly.

    Nathan: You’re a strange guy.
    Clay: I know!
    Nathan: No, seriously. You’re stranger than I thought you were.
    Clay: You’re just noticing this? I’m a weird dude, an odd duck.

    Jamie: This’s gonna be a blast, uh, Clay?
    Clay [selflessly]: Yeah, this is really awesome.
    Jamie [to Nathan]: How come he is wearing mom’s shirt?

    Chuck [hits Nathan] CHUCK!
    Nathan [hits him back]: NATHAN!

    Chase: Alex (‘s gone) too. I mean, why will I care about she’s gone?
    Nathan: Nice try.
    Julian: Uhu.

    Millie: I can totally do serious.
    Boss: Maybe don’t go with the costume.
    Millie: Got it.

    Millie: It was weird that you were staying on your head, right?
    Mouth: Totally, in case you didn’t notice, I’m weird, Millie, I’m an odd duck.

    Chuck: Laaame!
    Nathan: Speaking of lame, where is Clay?

    Lauren: Unless you’re Brian Boitano.
    Quinn: I think Clay’s got that shirt.

    Nathan: Is there any place you’d rather be right now?
    Clay: Puerto Rico.

    Lauren: Hey, have you guys seen my shirt? Uh? Uh?

    Mouth: Make sure you speak to the fact that it’s generational and small towns are define by places and things that we sometimes take for granted.

    Nathan: You know, sometimes I think about when we were kids and the memories I have of my parents and their friends and then I think ‘this what they’ll remember when they look back.’ You know, these are the days they’ll tell stories about. That’s when I feel like I can do better, that I have the responsibility to try.

    Julian [after telling Nathan that Brooke and him are pregnant]: I hope it’s a girl and that she’s just like her mom and that, someday, she’ll be best friends with Lydia Scott.
    Nathan: I’ll drink to that.

    Clay: I don’t understand camping. We’ve houses. We have beds, showers, flat irons…

    Quinn: Sometimes it strikes me how poverty and privilege became silent neighbours and the world just keeps going… because it has to.

    Chuck [to Chase]: I don’t want you to go.

    Chase: Hope you know I was gonna tell you. A matter of fact, you’re the one I was worry about the most.
    Chuck: Why?
    Chase: Because I’m gonna miss you. Because we’re friends.
    Chuck: Are you ever gonna come back?
    Chase: Dude, of course I’m gonna come back

    Mouth: Kids have grown up here. I should know, I was one of them. [...] The truth is that a town’s identity is made of places like this one and once they’re gone, they’re gone. [...] [Looking to Nathan] A lot of lost kids found their way to something better in this park, in a confusing world, at a confusing time in their lives. They found something that made sense here and they became better people because of it. Surely that is what preserves it.

    Chuck [watching the bike that Chase bought him]: Man, this is better than those pictures miss Lauren sent me!

    Haley: Karen’s cafe was always so special to us. Karen made sure of that and you too. I just thought maybe after you move I’ll reopen it and call it Karen’s cafe and maybe Jamie and Lydia will feel the same way that we did: safe, you know?

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